Trudeau says questioning Jewish people’s right to self determination is antisemitism

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Justin Trudeau

On December 9, 2019 Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau participated in an early celebration of Chanukah on The Hill with the attendance of Liberal MPs Michael Levitt, Anthony Housefather, Karina Gould, Rachel Bendayan. Bardish Chagger, James Maloney among others others.

Here is an excerpt from Trudeau’s speech at the event:

Acts of antisemitism are sadly are not [unintelligible] things of the past. It still happens here in Canada, here in our communities. In the past few weeks Jewish students were targeted on university campuses, at York, UofT and McGill. They were made to feel uncomfortable because of their identity, because of their support of Israel. Calling into question Israel’s right to exist or the right of the Jewish people to self determination is promoting antisemitism and that unacceptable. We will never ever be silent in the face of such acts. Hatred has no place in Canada. We will continue to condemn it. Before coming here tonight we had the chance to meet with leaders of Canada’s Jewish community. They voiced their concerns regarding a vote Canada has recently taken at the UN, concerns many of you have echoed over the past few weeks and our caucus members have shared with me. I hear you. I understand many of you were alarmed by this decision. The government felt that it was important to reiterate its commitment to a two states for two peoples solution at a time when its prospects appear increasingly under threat. But let me be very clear. Our enduring friendship with Israel remains. We will continue to stand strongly against the singling out of Israel at the UN. Canada remains a steadfast supporter of Israel and Canada will always defend Israel’s right to live in security and we will always always speak up against antisemitism at home and abroad. You have my word.

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