Faisal Kutty: “Israel has no right to defend itself from occupied people”

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Faisal Kutty Photo: screenshot YouTube TEDx Talks

Faisal Kutty is a Muslim lawyer, law professor, writer and public speaker. After graduating from law school, he co-founded the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association (CMCLA) and went on to serve as its general counsel for more than a decade. He also co-founded and served as vice chair and legal counsel to CAIR-CAN (Council on American Islamic Relations Canadian Chapter). He is currently an executive member of both the International Human Rights Law Section and the Islamic Law Sections of the AALS. He is also a Director of the American Society of Comparative Law. Faisal was born in India and grew up in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

On January 21, 2024, Faisal Kutty posted on X:

Under international law Israel has no right to defend itself from occupied people. Occupied people have the right to resist with any means. But then again what would I know I only worked forward a Ph.D. covering international law, teach, lecture and write in the area.

Faisal Kutty’s statement was posted in response to Paul Chato’s post on X:

Adding ‘per international law’ does not make it true. Int Law says Israel has a right to protect itself. What do you think about that? The UN has made hundreds of non-binding pronouncements. You are a propagandist. Let’s start with 1st principles. Does your peace include Israel?