Testimonies from York University: “Go back to the ovens and kill Jews”

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Anti-Israel protest at York University November 20, 2019

On November 27, 2019 Gila Yefet, a York University student, posted on Facebook:

It’s incredible how IFNOTNOW Toronto twist the truth. I was there, and I witness the hate that was expressed towards the Jewish people. And yes, the protesters were violent. Don’t twist the truth and don’t lie. I was personally prevented from going upstairs by people in the crowd pushing and screaming to bring back the Intifada, and shouting in a frenzy “go back to the ovens and Kill Jews.” Not one person said it, as you claimed. This was NO peaceful protest. If it was not for the guys of the JDL protecting us. Who knows what would have happened to us without their help, as the police needed assistance. Inside the lecture room, the vibration from their banging on the doors was scary. Only the police with the help of JDL were holding them back from coming inside the lecture room. This was an authorized Herut Club event, and as such, had a right to take place. A university is a place of higher learning and a place for equal rights for all students. This was an attack on Jews, and it was 100% antisemitic. For your information, every Israeli in Israel is a reserver. So do you denounce all of us? The fact that “THEY” hate us, I know, but the fact that Jews like you lie and go against your own people is beyond my comprehension. Don’t call us for help when they come knocking on your door, as “THEY” hate traitors and execute them first.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Gila Yefet said:

“I heard a lot of things no Jewish person anywhere should ever have to… What I heard was ‘Go back to the ovens’ and ‘Kill the Jews.’ It was disgusting… As I was going toward the stairs for the second floor I heard with my own ears to ‘Go back to the ovens, bring back the Intifada, kill the Jews… I heard it. There is no question about it… I have not seen a video showing it so far but there must be one somewhere because these things were said.”

Leora David said to the Toronto Sun:

“I heard ‘Go back to the ovens… At first, one person said it. Then more started saying it… It was said, 100%. I heard it and so did a lot of other people, including the police officers there. The people there right away reacted and asked the police ‘Why is something like that said in Canada OK?”

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