Firas Al Najim: MP Michael Levitt “isn’t loyal to his party”, “protects Zionist atrocities”

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Liberal MP Michael Levitt

Firas Al Najim is a Co-Manager of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) is a pro Palestinian Canadian registered non for profit organization (NO.1067715-9).

On July 29, 2019 Firas Al Najim posted:

Video: #CD4HR manager Firas Al Najim challenged Michael Levitt MP ‘s unjust allegations labelling the manager and organization as Anti Semitic. You can view and hear for yourself the intolerance, aggression and disrespect the manger received from his local Canadian Minister of parliament. Many points were covered and you will see his response and the neglecting of important questions.

Here are excerpts from Firas Al Najim’s statements:

He [MP Michael Levitt] is just pro Israeli and he wants to affiliate Israel with the Jewish religion when we see so many points that show that they disregard the Torah and the Torah’s laws… He cannot in any way speak against the Zionist state, and this shows you that he is here to protect the Zionist Israeli illegitimate government’s interests and their atrocities. That’s it. Simply we wants to silence all of us… The government that he has another citizenship from he won’t condemn that government… Everybody condemned [demolition of illegally-built Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem] including his [Liberal] government and the party that he’s part of. And I don’t see nothing issued or retweeted about that, and this shows that he is not loyal even to his [Liberal] Party. If he was loyal to the [Liberal] Party then why not even talk about that? Everything that happens against the State of Israel he is always on top of it and he is always meeting with the Zionist Consulate in Toronto and all their different events. He is always fighting for the Zionist things… You can feel that he wants kinda of portray his image as if he is the defender of the Jewish people, but really he is a defender of the Zionist people, like the Zionists, ok, not the righteous Jewish people that stand for Moses’ laws, that don’t breach Moses’ laws day and night, like the Zionist state does, the Torah laws.