“A driver purposely rammed into a Jewish boy” in Montreal

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On July 31, 2019, a news website covering all items of interest to Montreal’s Orthodox Jewish community, posted:

A driver purposely rammed into a Jewish boy who was wearing a Yarmulke this past Saturday, according to a woman from the Lubavitch community in Montréal.

The woman was walking home from Synagogue together with her husband and children, crossing the corner of Plamondon and Décarie.

“It was a red light for cars,” she reported. “I and my daughter crossed the road no problem. My husband, who was dressed with his Tallit and his Kapota, was right behind me holding my son’s hand.”

According to the woman, a car that was waiting for the red light started moving slowly forward. Her husband yelled at the driver but he didn’t stop. “He was not distracted at all, he was looking right at my son and husband,” she alleged.

The driver was going slowly but kept moving until he pushed her son with his vehicle. The boy fell against his father, who grabbed him and rushed to the car window to talk to the driver.

“I was running back yelling to the driver to stop,” the mother recalled. “He didn’t put his window down and he ignored the whole thing.

He just waved his hand for us to leave. The light changed and he sped off.”

Thank G-d no one was seriously hurt and a police report was filed.

“The police said that they will check the Ramada plaza cameras to see if anything was captured so we’re waiting to see what they will find,” said the mother. “Police said that we can charge the guy, if found, with assault with an armed weapon.”