York Police investigate alleged antisemitic hate crime in Thornhill

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On August 4, 2019 Rabbi Mendel Kaplan posted:

PSA [Public service announcement] re the attack in York Hill Park [Thornhill, Ontario]: I’ve been in touch with the Chief and senior brass at YRP [York Regional Police]. They are fully engaged and on top of the situation. Here’s is an excerpt of one of our e-communications: “Please be advised that YRP has been on top of this investigation from the onset. Our Hate Crime Unit has also been engaged and the matter is currently under investigation.” I will BLN continue to monitor the situation, and share what I can when able. May we be able to hear and share only Besurot Tovot [good news], amen!

On August 4, 2019 Meir HaLevi Weinstein posted (original text edited for an easy read):

This is from the parent of the Jewish youth who was beaten up by an antisemite and is in emergency. “My son and his friend were walking in York Hill Park today [Saturday, August 3, 2019] from the Dani direction [Developing and Nurturing Independence]. 3 boys (black and 2 Asian older teens) cane up behind and were swearing at them. The one boy randomly hit my son in the face and he started running away, and the perpetrator ran after him to continue to assault him. He ran towards basketball court and the other Jewish boys caught the perpetrator but he got away. Police are not that interested in the case yet we are fearful that all our kids are in danger now as the perp [perpetrator] threatened to come back. We need to put pressure on police to find the perp [perpetrator] and not wait for worse to happen. If anyone saw anything or had an opinion about this please call to put pressure on the poultice. The constables email and details are as follows:” Bryan Valin [email protected] 18668765423 Ext:7200

Thornhill resident reported:

Today a black male punched a Jewish boy in the face. When an adult (Israeli) asked him why he did it. He said cuz I felt like it. This man then beat the young black man. Who then called someone and said “bring a gun and will shoot the lot of them.” When he realized the police were coming he ran away. The police were in the park for a bit.