Canadian Arab Federation says Israel “indiscriminately” killed Palestinian civilians

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Nour El Kadri, President of the Canadian Arab Federation. Photo: Screenshot Aljazeera video

On November 15, 2019 the Canadian Arab Federation issued the following statement regarding the latest round of fighting between Israel and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza:

[Facebook post] Statement by the Canadian Arab Federation sent to the prime minister, minister of foreign affairs and opposition leaders. This morning we got correspondence from the prime minister’s office confirming it is sent to his and the minister’s attention!

[CAF’s statement] The Arab-Canadian Community is appalled and disgruntled at the condemnation of the Canadian Government of the firing of rockets from Gaza which caused not a single casualty and its one-sided and unjustified neglect to condemn Israel for its indiscriminate bombing of innocent women, children and seniors who are civilians. So far 38 people have died most of them women and children. Do Palestinian lives matter to the Canadian government? Where is the sense of Canadian fairness, objectivity and sanctity of civilian lives? We are dismayed and feel humiliated by this violation of Canadian values and cherished principles. We call on the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Freeland to correct this biased position and total neglect of the human suffering and basic rights of Palestinians in Gaza. We also call on the Right Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau to step up to the leadership expected of him and exhibit a similar position to that he did when Canadian doctor Tarik Loubani was shot in Gaza last year. Mr. Trudeau,

Palestinian Lives Matter!

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center published its findings about the Palestinian casualties: 13 were military operatives of the Islamic Jihad, 1 Hamas military operative, 1 affiliated with Hamas, 3 military operatives of Al-Aqsa Brigades/ Nidal al-Amudi, 2 military operatives of the Popular Resistance Committees, 9 civilians (7 were killed in a house the mistakenly identified as a military target) and regarding 3 it was not determined whether they were military operatives or civilians.