Calgary pro-Palestinian activist: “Hitler was a Zionist”

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Torry Brett Boyle. Photo: Facebook Torry Brett Boyle

Torry Brett Boyle is a Calgary, Alberta based pro-Palestinian activist affiliated with the Green Party.

On January 27, 2018 Torry Brett Boyle posted:

Zionism and Judaism have a completely and totally opposite fundamental core belief. Jews are forbidden from gathering on their own and forming a Jewish State. Zionists want all the land laid out in “Greater Israel” and will use any and all means to obtain their extremist goals. Zionists and Jews are opposites. [Adolf] Hitler was a Zionist. You wouldn’t find any “Israel” on any map if not for Hitler, and the NAZIS and Zionists have a DOCUMENTED partnership in history. (Haavara Agreement of 1933). They even made commemorative medallions and everything!!! (Der Angriff Medallion struck in commemoration after a 6 month visit to Palestine to see how things were going). Personally, I support Jews in their anti-Zionist efforts and I also support Palestinian Semitic people. It is Zionists that are very anti-Semitic. It’s as their partners in crime once said though … “accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty.”