Pro-Palestine campaign: Trudeau is “Zionist”; Omar AlGhabra is a “traitor”

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Anti Omar AlGhabra campaign Photo: Instagram aliya.hasan_

Pro-Palestinian activists in the Greater Toronto Area have launched a campaign targeting Omar Alghabra (عمر الغبرا), Canada’s minister of transport and a member of the Liberal Party representing the riding of Mississauga Centre in the House of Commons.

Here are excerpts from the social media campaign:

Why a vote for Liberal Omar AlGhabra is a vote for Israel

Omar AlGhabra, a Syrian Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre, a riding with a large population of Palestinians, attends Palestinian events wearing a keffiyeh mask, pretending to care for Palestinian human rights.

While Omar AlGhabra is Minister of Transport, Canada maintains a $36 million drone contract with Elbit Systems, the largest Israeli weapons company. The drones that Canada ordered is the “civilian” version of the exact same drones that Israel used to bomb Gaza in May 2021, when over 253 Palestinian were killed, including 66 children.

What can you do?

*Do not vote for Omar AlGhabra!

*Campaign against the traitor by raising awareness and support the NDP as it endorsed an arms embargo on Israel and a boycott of products of Israeli settlements

*Comment, tag, let @oalghabra know what you think about him being a seel-out


AlGhabra was appointed as minister by the Zionist Trudeau. Did you really think Trudeau would choose someone supportive of Palestinian rights as a federal minister?