Firas Al Najim denies antisemitism allegations; introduces his “good Jewish friend”

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Firas Al Najim (L) and Barry Weisleder. Photo: CD4HR video – screenshot

On May 13, 2019 Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR) issued the following statement:

To the 3 pro #zionist #Canadian politicians that joined together to issue a deceiving defaming statement against our peaceful protest, organization and #Canadian members and specifically tried to use the #Antisemetic trick & strategy. We demand them to retract & reverse the Statement or legal measures will be taken! My #jewish partner in the video will explain the false fabrications! Barry Weisleder

Here the transcript of the video attached to CD4HR’s statement:

Firas Al Najim: My name is Firas Al Najim. I’m the manager of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights [CD4HR]. Today is May 13th, 2019. I’ve been attacked for the last two days by several politicians and different people. So [MP] Michael Levitt, MPP Roman Baber and [Toronto Councillor] James Pasternak, these are three pro Zionist MPs that are always standing up for the apartheid Zionist state and the war crimes and human rights violations. I went by a synagogue and I was walking by and there was a sign that said walk, promoting Walk with Israel. I called on people to walk against Israel instead, for the Palestinian people. This [person] here is my good friend, my good Jewish friend, because obviously they are attacking me, calling me antisemitic. We always coordinate, work with Mr. Barry [Weisleder]. If you just introduce yourself and tell them who you are.

Barry Weisleder: My name is Barry Weisleder. I’m involved in the Canadian BDS Coalition. I was born in Toronto, raised in a Jewish home in North York. I’m an anti Zionist Jew, secular one, a Jew, but I’m proud to know Firas. We work together in the [Canadian BDS] Coalition that just met today, which is planning a cross Canada day of action for Palestinian rights. I think that Jewish people and people of no particular religion need to stand up for human rights and for democratic rights worldwide, and I can vouch for the fact that Firas is a fine outstanding democratic person. I’m proud to work with him, and these attacks, which are tempting to silence people because of their legitimate political views, should come to a halt.

Firas Al Najim: Thank you. I appreciate [that].