Aliya Hasan: Israel’s flag is “so offensive”; “intolerant form of Zionazism”

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Aliya Hasan

Aliya Hasan is a Co-Manager of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR), a pro Palestinian Canadian registered non for profit organization (NO.1067715-9).

On June 3, 2019 Aliya Hasan posted:

If you choose to normalize relations with zionists and their supporters at this time in history I’ve already unfriended you.

And if you fail to recognize why the “israeli” flag is so offensive let me help you understand. That flag is not just a piece of embodies everything we pro-Palestine activists fight against every day..genocide, Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, “israeli” supremacy, dispossession and violence against an oppressed peoples.

As “israel” celebrates 71 years of its inception, Palestinians are being slaughtered for simply existing..while they continue to celebrate on stolen land, Palestinian children sit in their prisons cold and alone…while they party on stolen beaches, Palestinians in Gaza sink deeper into poverty and hopelessness.

The disparities are so systematic and blatant that it is difficult to understand how standing shoulder to shoulder with a zionist and posing beside their flag can express anything except complicity in, if not overt promotion of, “israeli” expropriation, inequality ,discrimination and a gross violation of human rights. That flag has become synonymous with a destructive, intolerant form of Zionazism that has wreaked havoc in the ME and around the world and anyone proudly waving it is complicit in the evil it represents.

While you may try to justify this as “finding common ground” or “promoting peace” what you are really doing is whitewashing the cruel reality of the ongoing “israeli” illegal occupation. Normalization does nothing to advance peace. It merely emboldens the oppressor to continue their brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing campaign.

The “israelis” have simply never operated in good faith vis-à-vis their dealings with the Arab world, and most especially with the Palestinians. They take and they do not reciprocate. Do not be fooled. Let me reiterate, NORMALIZATION DOES NOT ADVANCE PEACE and it most certainly doesn’t advance Palestinian rights. The only thing that can advance peace is JUSTICE!

Normalization is precisely what “israel” wants and needs, especially as it faces pressure from the BDS movement, greater international scrutiny of its actions(due to the ongoing massacre of peaceful protestors and continued expansion of illegal settlements) growing negative global public opinion, and even increasing criticism from Jews.

So let us be careful not to become accomplices in “israel’s” attempts to conceal their war crimes and stand firm and clear on our stance. Let us focus all of our energy and efforts as activists on FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR THE PALESTINIANS!


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