Montreal pro Palestinian activist: “Death to the Wahhabi-Ikhwani-Zionist tools”

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Laith Marouf. Photo: YouTube Ellen Craig – screenshot

Laith Marouf is a “multimedia consultant and producer and currently serves as Senior Consultant at the Community Media Advocacy Centre ( and the coordinator of ICTV, a project to secure a multilingual community television license for Montreal (”

According to Laith Marouf’s LinkedIn page:

He worked with the Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS) and developed a business plan with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation to build multimedia community hubs in 49 Aboriginal communities (2014).

Laith worked as the Executive Director of Community University Television (CUTV) and developed its Quebec Spring live broadcasts embedded within the movement (2010-13).

He served as the Equity Officer of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA 2009-11).

Laith launched and hosted “Under the Olive Tree” the Palestinian community radio show airing on CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal and CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston (2005-10).

He won the “Best Special Programming” award at the NCRA for his work on a 12 hour radio marathon with stations from Palestine, England, Canada and the United States that commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbah (Radio Free Palestine, 2008).

On April 9, 2019 Laith Marouf posted on his Facebook page:

Oh Yaman! [Yemen] 11 girls martyred and another 90 injured when their school was bombed by Saudi-NATO! Death to the house of Saud! Death to the Wahhabi-Ikhwani [Muslim Brotherhood]-Zionist tools and the Empire [NATO/United States] they serve!