Laith Marouf liked tweet that reads “We [Palestinians] will burn you [Zionists]”

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Laith Marouf. Photo: YouTube Ellen Craig – screenshot

Laith Marouf is a pro Palestinian activist based in Montreal. He is a “multimedia consultant and producer and currently serves as Senior Consultant at the Community Media Advocacy Centre ( and the coordinator of ICTV, a project to secure a multilingual community television license for Montreal (”

Laith Marouf liked the following tweet by @khandak_ [Trench youth شباب الخندق] on December 11, 2019 (originally in Arabic):

We burn it [place, building] with all who are inside it. There is no one who is bigger than his country, but we are the size of the homeland [Palestine], and if we have some dignity, it is thanks to the resistance/ fighting [groups] and its weapons. O Zionists, we are the homeland. No to the normalization [with Israel]. The ends are always nice from our perspective, we will burn it [place, building] and we will burn you [Zionists].

Ynetnews reported (originally in Hebrew):

“During Chanukah [December 2019] there was an increase in the use of fireworks in clashes with police officers in Issawiya and Ras al-Amud neighborhoods. The shooting apparently serves as a means of intimidation against Jewish residents living next door.”

On December 24, 2019 reported:

“Jewish-owned homes in the capital came under fire overnight, from local Arab youths shooting fireworks, a Jerusalem city councilman reported. Aryeh King, a member of the Jerusalem city council, published video filmed overnight in the Maaleh HaZeitim neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem, showing Jewish homes being fired at by Arabs shooting fireworks. “Just minutes ago, Muslim terrorists opened fire with multi-barreled firework [shooters], firing for three minutes straight at Jewish homes on the Mount of Olives,” wrote King in a Facebook post…”

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