Vancouver Imam says candidates of all parties are “evil and filthy”; “support the Zionists”

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Younus Kathrada. Photo: MemriTV

Sheikh Younus Kathrada is a South-African born Canadian Imam, Islamic Studies teacher, community and youth activist, counsellor, chaplain, and public speaker.

He graduated with a BA from the College of Da’wah and Usool adDeen at the Islamic University of Medinah (1994).

He has spent over 20 years intensely involved in the Muslim community of Mainland British Columbia, Canada. He lived in Malaysia for over 6 years, where he taught Islamic classes on a regular basis and at different Islamic centers and schools. He has currently returned to British Columbia, Canada.

In a Friday, October 11, 2019 sermon that was uploaded to the Muslim Youth Victoria YouTube channel, Canadian Sheikh Younus Kathrada said:

“With regards to these elections, let me say one thing: If you are planning on voting, then remember that there are two angels on your shoulders, recording everything that you do and say. This voting is a testimony and it will be recorded. On Judgement Day, you will stand before Allah and be asked about it. If you plan on voting… Ask yourself, prepare the answer first – what I am going to tell Allah when Allah asks me: ‘You voted for that filthy non-Muslim – why?’ He or she approves of homosexuality, which Allah declared forbidden from above the seven heavens. You think that they want good for you? I already told you what Allah said: ‘Never will [the Jews and the Christians] be pleased with you.’ They will continue to oppose you. You are fighting a losing battle. They are all evil. Every single one of them. There may be some rare circumstances, where we would say: ‘Okay, voting may benefit us.’ This is not one of them! They are all evil and filthy. Do you know that every one of them, without exception, supports the Zionists against Islam and the Muslims?”

On October 15, 2019 Younus Kathrada posted:

The last I checked, freedom of speech and expression are not reserved just for those who say what is most popular and acceptable to the masses. As the one expressing him/herself is opposed by others, s/he has the right to oppose others. The narrow-mindedness and double standards of those who allegedly support these freedoms is laughable; when someone vehemently disagrees with them, they find other labels like hatred and the like to use. I may oppose “democracy” as it is practiced by western countries, but they oppose the sharee’ah and Islamic rule. Why is it ok for them to express themselves, not just through words but by waging war on Muslims and Muslim lands, but I can’t even do so much as speak on my opposition. I’m not throwing bombs on anyone and displacing millions and overthrowing governments and causing instability. It’s a joke how so many seem to view these freedoms