Toronto: “Oh Muslim, say Allah Akbar, and smash the head of the Zionist”

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Hamas flag flown at Toronto rally in support of the armed struggle

On October 9, 2023, thousands of Muslims, Arabs and pro-Palestinian activists participated in a rally organized by the Palestine Youth Movement (PYM) to support the “heroic resistance in Gaza.”

A day earlier, the Palestine Youth Movement issued the following statement:



An unprecedented series of events has taken place by our heroic resistance in Gaza – with over 30 Zionist hostages captured, the fall of settlements surrounding Gaza, and the prison break that destroyed the fence that has been entrapping Gazans for over 17 years. The resistance’s offensive attack has shaped a new precedent for our national liberation struggle and we remain steadfast in our right to resist by any means necessary.

We call on our people in the far diaspora in Toronto to uplift and honour our resistance and our martyrs. Join us this Monday, October 9 at 2 pm at Nathan Phillips Square and celebrate our steps closer to liberation!

🗓️ Oct 9, 2pm

📍Nathan Phillips Square

A speaker representing the Palestine Youth Movement said during the rally:

We are here today in Toronto representing the Palestinian Youth Movement [PYM] in a truly historic time in our struggle. On Saturday, October 7, we witnessed the act of decolonization of Palestinian land. Allah Akbar. The Palestinians in Gaza crossed through the illegitimate border fence and re-entred occupied 48′ lands.

We are here today not to attack the Jewish community, but to say Allah Akbar [Allah is the Greatest] and the declaration of our celebration for [unintelligible] resistance and its victory against the occupier. [unintelligible] Praise Allah. Allah Akbar [Allah is the Greatest].

We are here today to celebrate the resistance and its victory over the occupier that stole their land. Make some noise for the Palestinian resistance. Make some noise for our brave people that are fighting against the oppressors and going to continue to decolonize their stolen land.

The official Hamas flag was flown in the rally. The participants chanted:

From the river to the sea Palestine will be free

Gaza, Steadfast, steadfast. The lions have emerged from you (originally in Arabic)

Hail the martyr and walk hand in hand (originally in Arabic)

Intifada, Intifada, long live the Intifada

It is right to rebel. Israel, go to hell (originally in Arabic)

Long live the resistance

Martyr, rest, we continue the struggle (originally in Arabic)

Millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem (originally in Arabic)

Oh Muslim, praise Allah and smash the Zionist’s head (originally in Arabic)

Oh youth, join (him), join (him) — Al-Qassami (Hamas-Al-Qassam fighter) has sacrificed his blood (originally in Arabic)

Oh youth, join (him), join (him) — the martyr has sacrificed his blood (originally in Arabic)

Palestine is Arab, from the [river] water to the [sea] water (originally in Arabic)

Raise the flag of the revolution (originally in Arabic)

There is no god but Allah and the martyr is beloved by Allah (originally in Arabic)

There is no solution. There is no solution but the revolution

We don’t want two states, we want 48

We will sacrifice our soul and blood for the sake of Al-Aqsa (Mosque) (originally in Arabic)

We will sacrifice our soul and blood for the sake of the martyr (originally in Arabic)

We’d like to say it clearly. We don’t want to see Zionists (originally in Arabic)

Zionist, leave (Palestine). Palestine is Arab and free (originally in Arabic)

War in the South – Hamas’ Attack on Israel – background information

Excerpts from a report published by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (updated on October 17, 2023):

On Saturday (7 October 2023, the religious holiday of Simhat Torah), in an act of war, over a thousand terrorists from Gaza Strip infiltrated Israel by land, sea and air at several locations and advanced towards Israeli communities and population centers. This was carried out in conjunction with indiscriminate rocket fire targeting towns and cities in the south, the center of the country, and Jerusalem (more than 6,600 rockets and missiles have been launched so far) with the intent of maximizing harm to civilians.

The terrorists penetrated several southern settlements and began a murderous killing spree of families and individuals in their homes, in the streets and at a music festival that was being held in the area. The terrorists rampaged throughout the region for many hours, during which time they committed atrocities on a scale that have not been seen since the events of the ISIS massacre in Sinjar in 2014.

The evidence found on the ground, the documentation caught on camera by the terrorists themselves and by security cameras, survivors and other sources, as well as survivors’ testimonies, document a horrendous story of attackers devoid of any shred of humanity. Families were slaughtered in their beds, women were viciously raped, innocent civilians were maimed, killed and in some instances beheaded. In addition, civilians were burnt alive, babies were butchered, and hundreds of men and women were viciously gunned down while simply dancing at a music festival. Upon their return to the Gaza Strip, the terrorists abducted everyone they happened upon – with an emphasis on families, women and children.

In the aftermath of these events, the extent of Israeli casualties was found to be staggering. Thus far, more than 1,400 people have been murdered in Israel and more than 3,500 wounded to varying degrees. It is also reported that over 199 people are classified as missing or captive after being kidnapped and taken to Gaza. Among the victims, approximately 152 of those murdered and 141 of the missing hold foreign citizenship (including dual citizenship).

Over the past few days, anti-tank missiles and mortar shells were fired from Lebanese territory at IDF positions on the Lebanese border while terrorists, under the auspices of Hezbollah, attempted to infiltrate Israel.

This means that Israel is at war against the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. Israel security forces are determined to protect the citizens of Israel on all fronts. The IDF will protect the residents of the State of Israel; the Hamas terror organization and all the terrorists involved in harming the citizens of Israel will pay a very heavy price.

Over the past few days, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen has hosted several foreign ministers in Israel on solidarity visits, including the US Secretary of State and the Foreign Ministers of the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Canada. Additional visits are expected in the upcoming days, including one by the leaders of the most important Jewish organizations in the US.