CD4HR’s recommended chants: “Globalize the intifada!” “We don’t want zionists here”

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Firas Al Najim, Co-Manager of CD4HR. Photo: JCPA.ORG

Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) is a pro-Palestinian Canadian registered non for profit organization (NO.1067715-9). Its Co-Managers are Aliya Hasan and Firas Al Najim.

On April 9, 2023, CD4HR posted on Instagram:

Important chants at the Palestinian protests that you can use. #palestiewillbefree 🇵🇸✌🏽

Chants pt. 1

  • We will free Palestine! Within our lifetime!
  • There is only one solution! Intifada revolution!
  • Resistance is justified! When people are occupied!
  • Palestine is our demand! No peace on stolen land!
  • From the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab
  • Say it loud, say it clear, we don’t want zionists here
  • The door of Al-Aqsa is made of iron, only a martyr can open it

Chants pt. 2

  • When Palestine is under attack what do we do? Stand up! Fight back!
  • Hey hey, ho ho! zionism has got to go!
  • Hey hey, ho ho! israel has got to go!
  • From the river to the sea! Palestine will be free!
  • From Palestine to Mexico! All these walls have got to go!
  • From New York to Gaza! Globalize the intifada!
  • Intifada, intifada! Long live the intifada!
  • This is not acceptable, Jerusalem’s our capital!
  • Stop the U.S. war machine! From Palestine to the Philippines!
  • It is right to rebel! israel go to hell!

Chants pt. 3

  • Settlers settlers go back home! Palestine is our home!
  • We don’t want two states! We want ’48!
  • 1 2 3 4 occupation no more! 5 6 7 8 smash the settlers zionist state!
  • Out of Syria! Out of Iraq! Out of Palestine and don’t come back!
  • Occupation is a crime! From New York to Palestine!
  • Not just annexation! Not just occupation! Fight for liberation! Bring the whole thing down!
  • Not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for israel’s crimes!
  • israel you can’t hide! You’re committing genocide!
  • israel what do you say? How many kids did you kill today?
  • israel we know you! You imprison children too!