Samidoun, Masar Badil support Natalie Knight’s statement glorifying Hamas attack on Israel

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Natalie Knight Photo: screenshot YouTube Bryton’s Thoughts

On November 2, 2023, United in Struggle published the following statement:


As first reported by CTV News and other outlets on October 30th, the pro-Israeli Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver (JFGV) is calling for Langara College to fire academic and political organizer Natalie Knight for her support of the Palestinian resistance to colonial apartheid and genocide.

On October 28th, Knight gave a speech at the Vancouver All Out for Palestine Rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery. A short clip has been circulated online. Langara College responded to this manufactured political firestorm by placing her on administrative leave.

[Background: Natalie Knight calls Hamas attack on Israel an “amazing, brilliant offensive”]

As a JFGV spokesperson told CTV, they are marshalling “all the pressure that’s necessary to ensure” she is fired. Zionist organizations such as the JFGV and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) are using the tactics of conflating anti-Zionism with anti-semitism, painting Palestinian resistance as terrorism, and attacking freedom of political expression.

For the past 18 months, enthusiastic support has been publicly expressed for Ukraine’s resistance to [the] Russian invasion, but when Palestinians resist, these acts are unspeakable. Over 75 years of colonization and occupation, Palestinians have engaged in all forms of resistance: from diplomatic strategies around UN resolutions to civil disobedience during the first Intifada, including general strikes and boycotts, to the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement to bring economic pressure on Israel to end its occupation and apartheid.

In all cases, Israel has levelled accusations of anti-semitism and terrorism against Palestinians and their supporters employing these different tactics and has continued to grab lands, build illegal settlements, imprison thousands of Palestinians on indefinite administrative detention without charge, and commit war crimes that contravene the Geneva Convention.

Palestinian resistance must be seen, understood, and interpreted in this historical context.

On the basis of Knight’s principled defense of the right to resist colonial occupation, which is firmly grounded in international law, she has been slandered as a “terrorist sympathizer,” “antisemite,” and “glorifier of violence.” Social and mainstream media have been awash in absolutist declarations of Israel’s right to indiscriminately bomb, pacify, and annex Gaza. Yet no matter how vile the opinion shared, no one is losing their livelihoods for defending or even celebrating Israeli violence.

It is clear that “violence” as such is not the issue—it is that violence is only allowed if it comes from one side, and that resistance of any kind against the oppressor is unacceptable. As Jewish anti-Zionist historian Gabriel Winant recently wrote in Dissent Magazine, “A genocide of Palestinians looks to be in the works. […] One side has an enormous grief machine, the best in the world, up and running, feeding on bodies and tears and turning them into bombs. The other is starved for grief.” On October 31st, news emerged about an IDF airstrike on Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, where upwards of 400 Palestinians are reported to have been killed.

It is clear that the manufactured outrage about Knight’s speech is nothing but [a] cover to obscure and justify Israeli atrocities.

The aim of these attacks on Knight is not only to ruin her career and reputation but to impose a freeze on public support for Palestine everywhere. An injury to one is an injury to all, and we must firmly and unequivocally denounce the harassment and slandering of Knight. We must not shrink but broaden the struggle against the Israeli war machine and its backers in the US, Canadian, and European ruling classes. And most importantly, we must continue to stand in solidarity with all Palestinians, as they not only fight for survival but for their freedom and liberation.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Organizational Signatories:

United in Struggle

Canada Palestine Association

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Masar Basil: Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement

ILPS in Canada East Indian Defence Committee

United Migrant Front

Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights

Friends of the Filipino People in Struggle – Coast Salish Territories

International Migrant Alliance Canada

Gabriela BC

Haida Gwaii Media Collective

Roots on the Roof

Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO)

Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice

Individual Signatories:

Amrit Randay

Mehram Sharma, United Migrant Front


Kaira Fenix, Sulong UBC

Milo Canlas, Anakbayan BC

Ravjot Singh

Matthew Marianacci, Samidoun Vancouver

Lakhbir Khunkhun, East Indian Defence Committee

Laura R.

Patrick Morrison

Omar Mahamoud, United in Struggle

Letizia Waddington-Cibien, M.Th.

Reg Johanson, Capilano University Faculty Association

Dave Diewert, Samidoun

Teresa Diewert, Surrey High School teacher

brooklyn hawksworth, United in Struggle

Adrian Hung, Sulong UBC

Chase N, FFPS

Isa Carlin, Sulong UBC

Viviana Medina, IMA International

Stella Galias, Sulong UBC

Seb Bonet, Adjunct Professor, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria

Scott Inniss

Corey Snelgrove, University of Alberta

Ryan Broe

Tosh Sherkat

Harbhajan Cheema, East Indian Defence Committee

Meghan Molnar

Jenny Francis, Langara College

Julia Weder

Emily Luba, UBC Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Studies

Linda Huang

Francis Cho


Tasha Diamant, M.Ed.

Listen Chen, former Langara student

Alanna Holland

Carly Hilbert

Aiyana Amadeo

Bereket Guta

Jennie Pearson, UBC

vee bui

Erik Chepkyy



Erin Peters, CUPE 15

J. Moufawad-Paul, CUPE 3903

Zachary Williams

Victoria Chen, former Langara student

Janine Solanski, MAWO

Azza Rojbi, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice Sloan Wolfe

Arjun Nanthakumaran