Palestine House to host an event against the “illegitimate Zionist state”

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Palestine House in Mississauga, ON. Photo:

The Palestine House in Mississauga, ON will host on May 14, 2019 an anti-Israel event organized by Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR).

Here is CD4HR’s statement on the event:

“We will be commemorating & condemning 71 years of the illegitimate Zionist states occupation, war crimes & human rights violations against the Palestinians & surrounding nations that suffered from their illegal & evil actions. please bring Palestinian, Canadian flags & candles, we will be bringing pictures of the martyrs that were killed by the Zionist Mossad & IDF Israeli defense forces. Paying respect to the oppressed martyrs, widows, orphans, wounded & POW’s & all oppressed peoples in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and the rest of the world suffering either from the destructive Zionist policies or from the influx of Palestinian refugees! We call on the Canadian Government to adopt a resolution to impose maximum amount of sanctions and submit cases to the International Criminal Court ICC to have the Israeli war criminals persecuted for their evil unaccountable war crimes against the nations in the Middle East and beyond!”