Ontario editor thanks Iran for supporting the “resistance” against Israel

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Nazih Khatatba, Editor in Chief of Meshwar newspaper in Mississauga, ON

Dr. Nazih Khatatba is the Editor in chief of Meshwar newspaper based in Mississauga, Ontario.

On May 31, 2019 Nazih Khatatba posted (originally in Arabic):

Jerusalem and Palestine unite us and the Israeli occupation is our only enemy. Yes, thank you to Iran that without its support the Palestinian resistance wouldn’t have obtained these [military] capabilities, while the majority of the kings and sheikhs [leaders] of the [Persian/Arab] Gulf and their proxies didn’t support us out of weakness and they poured their massive vengeful fire on us and have turned into promoters of the Deal of the Prostitution [the Deal of the Century, the American peace plan for the Middle East], the elimination of our [Palestinian] case, the accusation that the resistance is terrorism and justification of the crimes of the occupation based on its right to defend itself. They chose the normalization with the Israeli occupation to protect their thrones, and they see Iran as the main enemy in the region instead of the occupying state [Israel] that was originally established as a western colonial project to steal the resources of the peoples of the region and to prevent them from progress and development. Any Arab summit that Al-Quds [Jerusalem] and Palestine are not in its essence has no benefit and we don’t have interest in it.