Nazih Khatatba says Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism or the Torah

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Nazih Khatatba, Editor in Chief of Meshwar newspaper in Mississauga, ON

Dr. Nazih Khatatba is the Editor in chief of Meshwar newspaper based in Mississauga, Ontario.

On May 7, 2019 published an article titled “On the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba: The Land and the myth are the essence of the Zionist thought.”

Here are excerpts from Nazih Khatatba’s article (originally in Arabic):

Although the Zionist movement is a secular colonial movement that has nothing to do with the Jewish religion or the Torah, its leaders have used the Jewish religion and made it a tool of politics to cover it with holiness and converted the Jewish religion into nationalism so that they can justify the establishment of a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine…

The Zionist movement has employed the Torah, the myth and the religious symbols in its propaganda, and this does not necessarily reflect a belief in it. It is a clever and malignant use of it because of its tactical ability to play with the emotions of the Jews and to transform the concept of the religious idea of the Jews into a national political idea that has the right of self-determination in a national homeland of the Jews on the land of Palestine in cooperation and alliance with the forces of global colonialism, especially Britain, and later the United States…

The Jews stole the legends of other civilizations and attributed them to themselves… This is what they are currently doing, stealing our heritage and our symbols such as clothes, hummus, falafel and even the snake of Palestine and Anemone and many others [symbols] in their search for roots and civilization.

Myth of historical truth: The claim that all Jews belong to the land of Palestine is a fallacy of all historical facts, both those [facts] of the general history and the Old Testament itself. The Hebrews, they are nomadic people who had no contribution to the civilizations of the region, crossed the Euphrates, turned to Egypt, and settled in the north, and they later were known as the Sephardic Jews.

The Ashkenazi Jews, who led the Zionist movement and founded the occupation state and now control its policy, they are not from these Hebrews, but originally from the Khazars who inhabited the Caucasus between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, in the south of present Russia. They converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD. And they have absolutely no historical connection to Palestine…

Why have many countries of the world approved, because of pressure from the global Zionism and the Israeli occupation government, laws that prevent even researching it [the Holocaust] and uncovering facts about it [the Holocaust]? And bringing anyone who is conducting research on the Holocaust to trial and accusing him/her of anti-Semitism?

The leftist writer and thinker Roger Al-Jaroudi says in his book ‘The Founding Myths of Modern Israel’: “It was necessary to inflate the numbers of the victims, and it was also necessary for all mankind to become complicit in the so-called ‘the greatest genocide in history’ and to completely forget other victims of genocide…”

The Zionist movement took advantage of the Holocaust and considered it a new start for its settlement project, which was faced with severe challenges and resistance in Palestine and opposition by the majority of the Jews themselves and their senior rabbis. Zionism exploited the rise of fascism in Germany and the Holocaust to encourage Jews to emigrate to Palestine