Mohamed Alqasem slams “traitors who are willing to sit and address Zionist audiences”

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Mohamed (Moe) Al-Qasem

Mohamed Alqasem (aka Moe Alqasem) is a Biomedical science student at York University in Toronto, and an activist from Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA York), a member of the YUdivest coalition and a community organizer in the Palestinian and Arab community. He is also a member of the Palestinian Youth Movement and the Association of Progressive Palestinian Canadians, and OPIRG YorkU.

On October 28, 2019 Mohamed Alqasem posted on Facebook (accessed November 21, 2019; the post is not longer online):

Personally, I don’t care that much for anything that is claimed by the state of Israel. They could claim that Jerusalem is their capital, that the whole of Palestine somehow belongs to them, or that the moon is made out of goat cheese. All their claims are as equally invalid to me. What boils my blood are the traitors who are willing to sit and address zionist audiences, like Saeb Erakat [lead negotiator of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and one of the architects of the Oslo Accords] who is willing to speak in the J-street conference. Make no mistake, this is a form of normalization.

Commenting on his post Moe Alqasem added:

The fact that he [Saeb Erakat] supported “peace” initiatives such as “Oslo” is one good reason for me to doubt him. While J-street may be more “moderate” than AIPAC, it is (1) A zionist lobby (2) The distinction between them and AIPAC is without a difference. Trying to obscure the ongoing colonization and occupation of Palestine via Liberal optics is not meaningful to me or any other Palestinian. (3) This is a form of normalization; and I reject normalizing relations with “soft” or “hardline” zionists.