Marco Pietro says Holocaust is a lie, gas chambers never existed

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Marco Pietro Photo: ScreenshotTwitter nolifeneet

On December 8, 2020 Campaign Against Antisemitism reported:

Antisemitism and Holocaust denial has become a regular feature of anti-lockdown protests in the Canadian West Coast city of Vancouver. An anti-mask Twitter feed recently posted a video of prominent local anti-lockdown activist Marco Pietro denying the use of gas chambers in the Holocaust and claiming that the number of Jews murdered had been inflated, while a speaker at a recent rally referred to the Jews as “Satanic, Talmudic” people. Mr Pietro also organised a previous rally in Vancouver in May. An earlier video shows Mr Pietro alleging that “a bunch of Zionist Jews” were responsible for “setting up” the Nazi leader and claiming that Mein Kampf did not contain “one racist dictate or anything of the sort.” “Oh, I’m a Holocaust disbeliever,” Mr Pietro boasted on the video. “You’re f**kin’ right I am.” He then stated that he had done “the research” before claiming that the Holocaust never happened and that there were no gas chambers and accusing Holocaust survivors of having made “millions of dollars” by lying about their ordeal.

Here is the transcript of Marco Pietro’s statement (video):

I’m tired of hearing everybody see everything from everybody, all these BS, and everybody come to me with all this nonsense. Listen, if you guys have figured out who’s behind all of this, and you’re still going: Ah, it’s the masons, always it’s this, always it’s that. You know what it is? It’s a bunch of Zionist Jews, the same motherfuckers who set Hitler up, Oh, now I’m a Holocaust disbeliever. You’re fucking right I am cause I did the research into it. The only time you can hear me talk about this shit [unintelligible] only time. Because you know what I’m doing right now. I Don’t don’t don’t put myself in some crisis for a lot of shit with what I’m about to say. Yeah, Holocaust denier. It never happened. Look into the signs behind it. Was that gas chambers? Hell no. What did Hitler want? What did Hitler do? Have any of you actually read Mein Kampf? Has anybody read Mein Kampf? Mein Kampf has no one racist dictate or anything of the sort. Allusion. None of it in it. If you actually know the real survivor. Do you know how many survivors have written books quote unquote survivors have written books only to be debunked later after they made millions, after they made millions of dollars of lying about being in the Holocaust. Just lies, [they] talked about gas chambers, talking about mass graves. None of it was real. The only people that were gassing people which everyone you guys getting gassed lit by these pieces of shit who push this propaganda. If you guys can’t see the relation between what they did to Hitler and what they’re doing to Donald J. Trump. I don’t know what to tell you.