Karen Rodman slams Israel for killing Palestinian knife attacker

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Karen Rodman (Gwendolyn)

Karen Rodman (Gwendolyn) is a United Church Ordained Minister and a pro Palestinian activist who is affiliated with the annual Al-Quds Day rally and other anti-Israel protests in Canada.

On April 22, 2020 Karen Gwendolyn posted on Facebook:

F..k [Fuck] the zio [Zionist] project. And a mother to be arrested after killing her son!! Picture of the Palestinian mother [of] “brahim [Ibrahim] Mohamed Hejaz Halsah, 25 years old who was killed this morning by the Israeli occupation forces at the container military checkpoint, Palestine. April 22, 2020.

Commenting on her Facebook post Karen Rodman wrote:

see the Canadian zio project is out in full forces on this post…seems that extrajudicial killing is fine with the jewish zio project…no surprise on that one!

Here is an except from a report by The Times of Israel about the incident in which Ibrahim Mohamed Hejaz Halsah was killed:

A Border Police officer was moderately injured in a combined car-ramming and stabbing attack at a West Bank checkpoint east of Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, police said. According to police, the Palestinian assailant [Ibrahim Mohamed Hejaz Halsah] rammed his van into the border guard at the “Kiyosk” checkpoint near the Ma’ale Adumim settlement [east of Jerusalem], then got out of the vehicle and attacked the officer with a pair of scissors before other troops at the scene shot him dead. A pipe bomb was also found at the scene, which police said the assailant apparently planned to throw at the troops at the checkpoint. The area was closed off until sappers could remove the explosive device.

Surveillance video documented Ibrahim Halsah’s car ramming and stabbing attack

Hamas movement, Canada-designated terrorist group, praised the Ibrahim Halsah for his car-ramming and stabbing attack calling hin a “martyr” and “hero” who “answered the call of Allah and the [religious] duty in his heroic operation.”

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