Helmi Charif shares message about “Jewish control of the mainstream media”

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Helmi Charif is the representative of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR) in Windsor, Ontario. In 2012 Charif was a candidate for the Ontario NDP (New Democratic Party) and six years later he expressed “full support” of Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party.

On February 16, 2020 Helmi Charif shared on Facebook an interview with Ken O’Keefe, an anti-Israel Irish-American political activist, accompanied with a statement:

A word of truth must be heard

Here is an excerpt from Ken O’Keefe’s statements in the interview:

Yeah, I mean I’m honored by these smears [being accused of antisemitism]. I really am. First of [all], it’s pretty ridiculous, you know. Semites denotes people of Semitic history and cultural reality. Semitic languages are Arabic and Hebrew. I have family members who are Semitic in fact you know. I don’t like getting into my personal life, but I have family who speak the Arabic language. They are Semites. So in fact my children have Semitic blood. So very interesting that I might be accused of being antisemitic. I think what people mean to say is that I’m anti Jewish, and so if people want to accuse me of being anti Jewish will let me define what I mean when I talk about the Jewish state [Israel]. I am talking about a Jewish state that was built on the back of an ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who had committed no crime against them during the so called Holocaust. Why is Nazi Germany that would have paid the price for the crimes committed against Jews? Why is it that Palestinians have been paying the price for apparently northern European Nazi crime? Why is it that we can’t even talk about Jewish control of the mainstream media? Why is it that we can’t talk about Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy buying the lease on the Twin Towers when those buildings were filled with asbestos and literally worthless in fact the major liability and then the buildings falling to dust within two months and then collecting billions in insurance. What if the owner of the World Trade Center buildings would have been a man named Muhammad of Muslim faith. Do you think we would have known this man Muhammad of Muslim faith he had bought the lease on the buildings just two months before? Why don’t we talk about the Jewish Mossad [Israel’s intelligence agency] agents who were caught filming the event who knowledged on Israeli television that they were sent to film the event otherwise they had fore knowledge. This is not debatable. We noticed. Why don’t we talk about the Jewish agents who were arrested on 9/11 and quietly deported after having failed a lie detector test and in fact some of whom were caught with explosives in their vans on 9/11. Why aren’t we allowed to talk about the fact that our government kisses the ass of the Jewish state and provides welfare to the tune of billions every year while Americans go without social services and don’t have proper education. Why is it that we can’t talk about all of these things and why is it that we can’t talk about the fact that the Jewish state allows Jews from all around the world to come back to the so -called Jewish state and yet Palestinians who have a deep tie to land in Palestine have no right to return there? Why is it that we can’t talk about any of that stuff. I’ll tell you what I have a problem with. If Jewish people believe that they are the chosen ones, if they think that they are chosen by God and all the rest of us are effectively some subhumans goy [non-Jewish] cattle as we are referred to in the Talmud [ written compendium of Rabbinic Judaism’s Oral Torah] that I’ve got a big f—ing problem with Judaism. If however Jews believe that we are all brothers and sisters and one human family, and they would wish to live in harmony with the rest of us, I have no problem with a Jews like that, but I have a big problem with many people who call themselves Jews, dual nationals in the U.S. government traitors that they are who definitely do not support anything known to be a humane or brotherly at all.

On April 25, 2020 Helmi Charif posted on Facebook:

Despite the Coronavirus that threatens every human being, Zionists are targeting me on the first day of Ramadan because last February I shared an article for Ken O’keefe an American political activist who talks about Zionists crimes committed against the Palestinians. These Zionists think they can silent human rights activists. To them we sa[y:] As long as there is injustice, oppression, crimes, and illegal wars we are going to speak up loudly condemning these actions and advocating for peace and justice and nobody can silent us.✌️✌️🙏

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