Jonathan Kay calls out the “non-existent ‘epidemic’ of antisemitism in Canada”

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Jonathan Kay. Photo: JCPA.ORG

Jonathan Kay is Quillette’s Canadian editor. He was the editor-in-chief of The Walrus (2014–2017) and was previously comment pages editor, columnist, and blogger for the Toronto-based Canadian daily newspaper National Post.

On April 24, 2019 Jonathan Kay tweeted:

It’s time to call out the non-existent “epidemic” of anti-semitism in Canada. As a Jew, I’ve never felt safer. Yet I constantly see the media hyping the few real incidents that take place, cheered on by anti-hate groups in fundraising mode & by SJWs who see Nazis under their beds

When I started as a journalist in the 1990s, I got antisemitic hate mail/email all the time. This trailed off over the last 20 years, and is now virtually nil. And yet over this same period, Bnai Brith etc have insisted that jew-hatred is skyrocketing, which is complete bullshit

And no, this wasn’t just SJW types. It was also Israel supporters who blurred the distinction between criticism of Israel and anti-semitism. Both sides of the ideological aisle have been pushing this moral panic.

Jonathan Kay commented on CBC’s Natasha Fatah’s tweet that reads:

#BREAKING An anti-Semitic attack originally called “the most brazen” the city had seen was staged by the owners of the restaurant that reported it, Winnipeg police say.