Jeffrey Brown: “There is nothing Jewish about Never Again Canada”

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Jeffrey Brown. Photo: Facebook – Jeffrey Brown

On April 16, 2019 Mohammed Hashim, a Founding Advisor of Progress Toronto and the Senior Organizer for the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, posted on his Facebook page:

“Watching the reaction on Never Again Canada on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire has been revolting. They’ve shared multiple articles pointing towards Muslims being the perpetrators of the fire with zero evidence. In turn the comments have been atrocious. It’s a shame Facebook doesn’t do anything. [tagged] Marco Chown Oved The Toronto Star.”

Jeffrey Brown, a community security volunteer in Thornhill who is involved in interfaith initiatives, commented on Mohammed Hashim’s post:

“All of your FB [Facebook] friends should report NAC [Never Again Canada] to FB as a hate speech or false news page, or at least specific offensive posts.”

“Please understand there is nothing Jewish about NAC aside from the fact that a couple of their 20+ administrators ([Meir]Weinstein and [Avi] Shomer) are Jewish. Other NAC administrators (there are over 20) apparently include Sandra [Solomon] the Koran-Tearer, Kevin Johnston and Rick Boswick. FB’s new policies are mere PR [public relations] unless they shut down pages like NAC.”

Bernie M Farber, the Chair the Canadian AntiHate Network, added: “ Has anyone directed a formal complaint to FB on this latest outrage? If not I urge it be done.”