Helmi Charif says all wars caused by USA “and the Zionist Lobby behind it”

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Helmi Charif Photo: Facebook Helmi Charif

Helmi Charif is the representative of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR) in Windsor, Ontario. In 2012 Charif was a candidate for the Ontario NDP (New Democratic Party) and six years later he expressed “full support” of Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal party.

On January 15, 2020 Helmi Charif share the article “’CNN Is Truly a Terrible Influence on This Country’: Democratic Debate Moderators Pilloried for Centrist Talking Points and Anti-Sanders Bias” accompanied with his statement:

CNN and most of the Media are owned by Zionists and their intentions are to promote wars.

On January 4, 2018 Helmi Charif posted on Facebook:

Vote Liberals in the upcoming election to preserve the image of Canada as a peacekeeper country and a country of diversity, justice, and hope. Conservatives are pro-Zionists and they promote wars. Full support to Justin Trudeau.

Commenting on his Facebook post Helmi Charif wrote in response to Nancy Maggio:

you have to do more research don’t rely only on Zionists media. Isis, Daesh, Taliban etc are all created by Zionists and USA government, Hillary Clinton admitted that in her book. When Just Trudeau brought the refugees to canada he was ordered by the United Nations and the United nations paid Canada to do this. No one would leave his country voluntarily. Wars are the main reasons to force people leave their countries. Every war in this planet caused by USA government and the Zionist Lobby behind it and all these wars and killing are done just to sell weapons and make profits and control the Oil industry. Nancy no one is coming to attack USA or Canada, on the contrary USA is attacking most countries in the world, don’t let them foul you they are sticking their nose and interfering in the internal affairs of every country whether you be pro American policies or they will destroy your regime example: Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Yemen etc. Don’t you agree that Saudis are dictators and criminals? They declared an illegal war against the poor and oppressed people of Yemen Bombing civilians in a daily basis, Nancy because of media BLACKOUT you don’t hear or see what is happening in Yemen. It is the worst humanitarian crisis in history i can show you pictures, Saudis are backed by USA government by the sick Conservatives, don’t let them brainwash you and join me standing for humanity and social justice and peace. We need to stop the oppressors.