Firas Al Najim says B’nai Brith, CIJA “bribe” politicians, conduct “evil work”

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Firas Al Najim, co-manager of CD4HR. Photo: CD4HR video – screenshot

Firas Al Najim, Co-Manager of Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR), participated in an event “mourning the martyrdom of the great heroes of Islam” that took place at Toronto Court House (361 University Avenue) on Saturday, January 4, 2019. The event was organized as a protest against the USA assassination of Qasem Soleimani, the commander of its Quds Force and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the deputy chief of the Popular Mobilisation Committee Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi.

On January 5, 2020 CD4HR posted Firas Al Najim’s speech at the event accompanied with the following statement:

#CD4HR in the STRONGEST TERMS CONDEMNS the unlawful #US attack on Iraq’s sovereignty that massacred the great Iraqi & Iranian commanders Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis 🇮🇶 Qasem Soleimani 🇮🇷. Firas Al Najim #CD4HR manager spoke boldly at the vigil commemorating the great martyrs. Al Najim said the attack on the sovereignty of Iraq is an attack on international law. Al Najim called on all Canadians to contact or visit their local MP’s to ask the Canadian government to issue a statement of condemnation against this foolish attack. Justin Trudeau Donald J. Trump #Cdnpoli #Onpoli

Here is the transcript of Firas Al Najim’s speech:

In the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful [بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم]. Peace be upon you [السلام عليكم] my brothers and sisters in faith in struggles and humanity. Whoever prays on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad will be successful [أفلح من صلى على محمد وآل محمد]. My name is Firas Al Najim, a manager of a human rights organization called Canadians Defenders for Human Rights [CD4HR]. We strongly condemn the American regime and tyrant [Donald] Trump’s administration for their aggression against the sovereign country of Iraq that has been occupied by the Americans for many many years. I’m a Canadian Iraqi and I’ve seen the bombings in Iraq when Saddam [Hussein] was in power and I went there after, after it was occupied and invaded by the Americans and their troops were all over my country. When I was a young child I used to hear the bombings and the radar and the sirens all over the place in Iraq. So I lived there when I was young. I’ve seen what the Americans did to my country. The Americans, all they want is to take advantage of Iraq, control Iraq’s resources and have the Iraqi people submitted to them. They want the Iraqi government to have no power, no strength. Down with USA. Down with USA. Down with USA. Down with USA. USA, evacuate Iraq now. Evacuate Iraq. Why [do] I say this? Because I this think the best advice I can tell tyrant Trump and his arrogant men is to leave Iraq and get the troops out as soon as possible because as the Iranian leadership said, the response [on killing Qasem Soleimani, the commander of its Quds Force] is going to be very harsh and we trust in the wisdom of the Islamic Republic of Iran. America must leave Iraq now. We’ve seen the Americans leave Lebanon in 1983. We’ve seen Americans leave Iran in 1979 and they see the results, but they still [are] acting foolish. Today, the movement that they did against Qesem Soleimani, the great martyr, the great defender of the whole region of the Middle East. He got involved in safeguarding Iraq from Daesh ISIS, the international terrorist hub that was a threat to the whole world and including Canada. Intelligence were interrogating people. They spent massive amounts of money and efforts to crackdown on all these terrorists that were coming over from these countries all over the West, and a lot of them were coming back to Canada. He destroyed that project. He fought that project. He sacrificed for that project and then they [USA] go to kill him. Why? Because they [are] like ISIS. ISIS disrupts the Middle East and keeps them in power and let their bases control the area. And that what they wanted. They wanted to avenge Qesem Soleimani because he destroyed ISIS and they killed Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis [deputy chief of the Popular Mobilisation Committee Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi]. He is a great martyr. He died and he shed his blood right beside Qesem Soleimani because both of them as you can see their ways [unintelligible] they used a lot of efforts and struggles to liberate Iraq, the holy land, the land of Babylonia, the land of the Christians, Muslims and Jews. This is the land of Mohammad and the family of Mohammad [آل محمد]. The last message that I want to leave for the Americans. This is the Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi [Popular Mobilisation Committee] flag and this is the Iraqi flag. Also I want to include that Qesem Soleimani was in the 34 illegitimate illegal aggressive war against the Lebanese people and he stood with Hezbollah, the popular resistance that is part of the Lebanese government and is part of the Lebanese army and they coordinate with them. Hezbollah alliance with Michel Aoun, a big political party of Christians. They safeguard the Christian churches in Syria, in Lebanon and Abdallah [Attallah] Hanna, the Palestinian priest stood up and stood up and stood up for Hezbollah because Hezbollah is only enlisted in Canada as a terrorist organization, because of the Zionist lobbies, because they are bullying, because of their political evil work that they do like B’nai Brith [Canada] and CIJ [Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs – CIJA]. All they do is bullying different politicians and pay money and bribe and cause all kinds of animosity and scare them and that’s why they enlisted them [meaning designated Hezbollah as a terrorist entity]. And they want enlist now the IRGC, Islamic Revolutionary Guard [Corps], so they can cracking down on us, they can start interrogating us if we put a picture of Soleimani, if we put a picture of these great revolutionaries. we need to stand up brothers and sisters. We need to email our MPs [Members of Parliament]. We need to tell them that these people are real martyrs. They stood up for the world peace, not just for the Middle East, world peace. World peace, brothers. Say world peace. we stand for world peace. We answer your call O the messenger of Allah [ Mohammad لبيك يا رسول الله]. We answer your call O the messenger of Allah [Mohammad لبيك يا رسول الله]. We answer your call O Issa [Jesus لبيك يا عيسى]. We answer your call O Issa [Jesus لبيك يا عيسى]. We answer your call O Moses [لبيك يا موسى]. We answer your call O Moses [لبيك يا موسى]. We answer your call O Mahdi [eschatological redeemer of Islam لبيك يا مهدي]. Please everybody recite the Fatiha [first chapter of the Quran] for the great .