Independent Jewish Voices Canada: “Linda Sarsour is not an antisemite”

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Linda Sarsour. Photo: MASICNAConvention YouTube – screenshot

On April 25, 2019 Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) Canada issued a statement titled “IJV Welcomes Linda Sarsour To Winnipeg.”

Here are excerpts from IJV’s statement:

Linda Sarsour is not an antisemite. She is a tireless advocate for justice for all, and–sorry* not sorry–that includes her fellow Palestinians. Sarsour has demonstrated a great deal of compassion for what she considers her Jewish family and has even helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Jewish communities targeted by hate crimes (an interfaith solidarity effort that Israel advocates shamelessly tried to undermine).

As with Angela Davis, Ilhan Omar, Marc Lamont Hill and so many others, Sarsour has simply become a target of efforts by pro-Israel lobby groups to shut down criticism of Israel, which have frequently focussed on people of colour.

So to the Mayor [of Winnipeg] and all those who would silence Sarsour for speaking out against Israeli human rights abuses: sorry* not sorry. No one should have to apologize for fighting injustice.

What is sorry is using bogus charges of antisemitism to protect Israel from legitimate and well-deserved criticism.