Imam who prayed for Muslim conquest of Israel invited to speak at Islamic conference in Toronto

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Siraj Wahhaj. Photo from ICNA YouTube video

Siraj Wahhaj is the Imam of Masjid Al-Taqwa in Brooklyn, New York. He accepted Islam in 1969 and received Imam training at Ummul Qura University of Makkah in 1978 and has gone on to become a national and international speaker on Islam.

During the Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) annual conference in Toronto Siraj Wahhaj is scheduled to give lectures titled “Transform the Home, Transform the World” and “Walk With Humility, Talk With Sincerity.”

In an undated prayer saved on Siraj Wahhaj said:

Everyone invited them to Allah’s deen [religion of Islam] in order to establish Islam. May Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He [GEBH] help us, guide us to the straight path. We Ask Allah, GEBH, to help us, to help the people, to guide the people, to guide the people towards Islam. We Ask Allah, GEBH, to help the Muslims everywhere on the earth. We Ask Allah, GEBH, to help the Sudan. Make the Sudan a great example of establishing Allah’s deen [religion of Islam]. And in Senegal, and in Trinidad and Tobago, and in Jamaica, and in South America, and all over the world. Allah, GEBH, never to forget Jerusalem, never to forget Palestine. May Allah help the Muslims in Palestine to establish the deen [religion of Islam] , take over our land again, establish Islam back as it is supposed to be. We ask Allah, GEBH, to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in Yemen. Help them in every part of the globe.

Siraj Wahhaj’s lecture on terrorism, Islamophobia, Jews and Islamic global dominance

Here is the transcript of Siraj Wahhaj’s lecture in Toronto in 1993:

SI pray to Allah the Almighty the message that we will share with you both Muslims and non-Muslims, it’ll be one that you take from this auditorium tonight and go to work, because tonight I’m going to commission everyone of you, especially the leaders to do something.

While we sit in this auditorium tonight the government of the United States of America is planning to build colonies in space. While we watch a baseball game, or basketball game, or football game, there is a very serious thinkers in this country who late at night, when many of us sleep, they plan. 35 million miles from here, the planet Mars, the government of the United States of America has spent untold billions of dollars, space exploration, and you know what, we have no doubt that we can build colonies in space. That is not what I’m concerned about. I think we can go there and build colonies on Mars and other planets. That is not my concern. My concern is that the problems that we have here on this earth, if we don’t settle here whatever colonies we build in space the same problems will be there.

So tonight I want to talk about a very crucial topic. This topic, terrorism and Islam, is not just for non-Muslims. You better know, every Muslim in this auditorium tonight, every Muslim in Toronto and in London and in all over Canada must know about this topic.

So tonight I want to talk about who are the real terrorists, who are the real terrorists. Brothers and sisters, right now, somebody, real people are creating an image or atmosphere so that the masses of the people believe that Muslims are terrorists, fanatics, bad people, evil people.

I want to share experience with you that happened to me about four weeks ago. I was on my way from Los Angels back here to New York City, and when I got on the plane I sat down in the aisle seat waiting to the plane to take off, and as I sat down an European American woman came with her luggage and she excused herself and she sat down next to me on the window seat. Now from my peripheral vision I can see on the side as I was looking forward [that] this woman was looking around the plane, and I knew that she would gonna get up in the seat, and she got up and got the baggage and said: Excuse me for a moment. And I watched her as she went to the front of the plane, she crossed over and sat on the seat. And I said fine, no problem, get more space. It’s no problem, right. Some [are] sitting there. they’re waiting, reading and waiting for the plane to take off. All of a Sudden another woman [is] coming, another young girl, European American woman, she has a luggage and sits down next to me. And she started looking around. Now at that moment I got looked paranoid and I started checking myself up [smelling his armpits] to make sure I’m ok. I know that I’m ok, but she got up and said: Excuse me sir, but I want to get off the plane and take another plane. And by the way I sat by myself on that plane.

A week later, I was in the City of Winnipeg, Canada and you know whenever you go from one country to the other you have pass through security, customs and immigration, and I’ve just received an award from the Muslims of Winnipeg, and I went through the security and came to the customs, and the security officer he said, he looked at my award and he stepped all the way back and said: What’s that? a bomb? Now, Brothers and sisters, I thought the man was joking but he was serious. Could you imagine what happened I once [ would arrive] at the airport of Toronto and I go to the customs office and said: Ha, ha this is a bomb, hahaha, this is a bomb hahaha. You know what would happened to me? They would arrest me, because you can’t joke like that. Now, Brothers and sisters, why would these women move away from me? What was on their mind? I’ll tell you why, and I’ll tell you why the customs officer said about me whom he don’t know, ‘a bomb’. Why would I have anything to do with a bomb? You don’t know me. Because I look like a fundamentalist. I look like a terrorist. I have the image of beard, a kofia [a brimless cylindrical cap with a flat crown], a thawb [an ankle-length garment] or something like that. Because somebody is working to put into the mind of the average Canadian citizen and American citizen that Muslims are synonymous with terrorists.

They know exactly what they are doing and tonight, brothers and sisters, I’d like to uncover and ask the question: Who are the real terrorists? Somebody is working. Now brothers and sisters, right now as I’m speaking to you, in New York City there is a trial taking place. Four Muslims are accused of blowing up the World Trade Center in February 26 of this year. A real tragedy. Six people lost their lives and we ought not make mockery of that, it could have been anyone of us, it could have been in fact a Muslim. Over thousand people [were] wounded. We don’t make mockery of that. In fact, an act of terrorism for sure. But my question to you tonight to this audience: Who blew up the World Trade Center? I don’t think that the people who did [it] is in custody.

Brothers and sisters, I predicted about two years ago that the government of United States of America is going to try to discredit Muslims, especially in New York City. Why New York City? You may not notice that the Muslims in New York City have grown to such a degree that the Mayor of New York City, African American, first African American, has a good rapport with the Muslim community to such a degree that whenever there is a problem in the city he calls Imam Siraj [Wahhaj], Imam Abdul Amin Latif and the Muslims to give their input, to give the advice and this Mayor signed into law that the two days of the Eid [Islamic holiday] is an official holiday in New York City. According the government’s figures there are between 800,000 and a million Muslims in New York City. 800,000 Muslims in New York City. If you understand who the real terrorists are, this is unacceptable. Who are they?

Tonight I want to talk about three entities. Number one – The government of the United States of America. Number two – big business, multi corporations. Number three – The media. [The] Government of United States of America, Big Business and multi corporations.

Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessing be upon him, said the pen is lifted in three cases, meaning that a person doesn’t have responsibility for what they do under these circumstances, a person who is majnoun, crazy, insane. And if a person was insane that’s something that he is not held accountable by Allah, because he is insane. Even in the courts of America and Canada if a person commits a crime when he is insane he doesn’t go to jail. He goes to the hospital, because he doesn’t have a real motive, because he is insane. So, a person who is asleep until he wakes up. If a person was asleep and he gets a gun and he shoots someone then there is no crime on that person because he is asleep. The pen is lifted. And the third case, a young child until reached the age of maturity. Two year old baby doesn’t understand what he is doing. So the pen is lifted. This teaches us a very crucial fact.

Everything in life that is done, everything, every word, every action that people do there has to be a motive for it. There is a reason why something that spurs people on, make people do things, make people react the way they do. So, a detective whenever a crime is committed they ask the question: What is the motive? إنما الأعمال بالنيات [hadith – The deeds are considered by the intentions], deeds are by motives. What is it that makes the man move, the woman move? What is it? What is the motive? Yes, What is the motive? A crucial question when somebody commits a crime. Why did they rob the man? He wanted money. Why did you hurt the person? I don’t like his… Why? And unless you are insane there is a reason why, that spurs you that drives you to do the things that you do.

And brothers and sisters I got a confession to make. I used to watch a program, used to. See I have an advantage over you. I used to be a non-Muslim. Most of you were born Muslims. I used to watch a movie, s detective program called Colombo… I liked Colombo, you know why? Because he was a so smart detective. You know, he… people, he started talking to a person you know a regular conversation, you know and then he looked like he gonna leave, you know, so he was about to walk off the door and he comes back and says: you know what, something is puzzling me. You know, because he sees some glaring contradiction, and that is this trade mark, he walks away and comes back.

Brothers and sisters this is this. February 26, [1993] World Trade Center was bombed. I was then in United Kingdom so don’t blame me. I came back. They have gotten suspects who blew up there. Muslims of course, right? Now come on sisters, guys, remember this. In the United States and in Canada the presumption of innocence is always there, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court of law. This is the presumption. Everybody has the presumption of innocence. You have to prove that the person did it. The person don’t have to prove that he didn’t do it. You must prove beyond reasonable shadow of doubt that he person committed a crime. That’s the way it is. That’s the law.

Now, there is a man, they grabbed him. How did they grab him? Brothers and sisters listen to me. Allah knows that I’m not suppose to teach you anything criminal, but today I’m going to take an exception. I want to teach you something about crime. Imam I’m sorry please forgive me, Allah please forgive me. I have to teach them something about crime. Now, this is a very fundamental crime. Whenever you want to rob a bank, don’t rob banks, right? Don’t. Whenever you want to rob a bank never ever ever drive your own car to rob the bank. You steal a car. This is fundamental. Everybody know that, right?

Now, this person who was picked up for blowing up the World Trade Center, he rented a van. No problem. He didn’t steal a van, he rented a van. No problem, right? But he used his right name. Why would a person blow up a building, rent a van with his own name and his right address and go back to ask for a refund? Brothers and sisters, either this is the dumbest criminal ever in annals of history or the man was set up.

Who set him up and why? Now, Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman on every list of United States Government [it is written] don’t let this man into the country, because he is known as a Muslim fundamentalist. Don’t let him into the country, but all of a sudden Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman is in America. Why? Who let him in? What’s the reason? What’s the motive? And why New York City? Then after that some people picked up planning to blow up the United Nations, the bridges and tunnels and among those included are five Sudanese. Why Sudanese? Why New York City? What’s the connection, Shiek Abdul Rahman and the so called the plot to blow up the tunnels and the bridges and the plot to blow up the World Trade Center? All of them are connected in New York City for a reason.

Tonight I want to ask the question, answer the question: Who are the real terrorists? Now,brothers please stay with me. Some of you are sitting here right now. You don’t accept conspiracies. No brother Siraj, there is no conspiracy, no coincidence. I say: no coincidence, conspiracy. Daily Time magazine on the trail of terror, a person accused as the ringleader in the plot to blow up all of these buildings and Mahmoud and New York city. Many many articles in newspapers and magazines you read about that. Islamic fundamentalist, terrorist and things like that. Now, I was saying conspiracy, in a conspiracy against the Muslims, but the question is what is the motive? What is the motive? Who and why? Why? Why? Why now?

I was watching a television program about for weeks ago early in the morning, this program by the way come early morning, 4 o’clock, 5 o’clock in the morning, is called The America Defense Monitor. The America Defense Monitor. What this program does – it talks, analyzes about what’s happening in America. This particular morning they talked about the number one enemy of the United States of America. This comes from the government to officials of the United States. What did they say? Who did they say? Ah? [member of the audience: Islam]. No. They didn’t say Muslims. They said Muslim fundamentalists. Muslim fundamentalists is a euphemism for Muslims. They can’t say Muslims are the enemy. They’ll never do that. They say Muslim fundamentalists. What? They don’t describe what defines Muslim fundamentalists to the masses of the people. Therefore Muslim fundamentalists are synonymous with Muslims.

That’s why the ladies in the plane got up, because your brother Siraj [Wahhaj] looked like a Muslim fundamentalist, because in the media you don’t get a definition of that. All you know it is radical Muslims, these are Muslims. Brothers and sisters I really want you to follow me tonight, ok, because I intend to give you, share with you some information, to wake some of you up, because brothers and sisters I’m telling the truth. Neither of us are absolutely dead. No he’s dead. Now you can sit here like you’re alive, but I no dead when I see things. I mean really a lot of us are blind to what’s going on. I’ll show you why you’re blind. I’ll show you why we are blind, ok, and I only mean tonight is to be a servant of Allah Glorified and Exalted be He. I have no other agenda tonight, but to be a servant of Allah Glorified and Exalted be He, and I don’t care. This information that I have for you tonight brothers and sisters, people don’t like me giving it to you, because I’m not, we didn’t call you up tonight to give you a nice little sermon or have a fast or how to make Wudu [Islamic procedure for washing parts of the body]. What we are going to talk tonight is very critical, very very very critical, very serious. And I intend Allah Willing, may Allah bless me and help me through this lecture to shake us, to wake us, open our eyes and then put us on a path about we gonna have to do.

Now brothers and sisters I’m saying to you absolutely without a doubt that this is a conspiracy against Muslims and Islam. This somebody, government, big business and media who do not want the masses of the people to recognize that the Muslims are the very best friends of Canada and America. You heard what I’ve just said. I’m saying to you the American people and the Canadian people have no best friend on the earth than Muslims. And there are people in the government, in big business and the media who know it very well. Therefore they are very skillful. They make the masses of the people hate or being afraid of Muslims.

Those in the audience who happened to be Jewish or Christian, I want to refer you to your own scripture, the Torah and the Gospel and the Koran for Muslims. The story of Moses and Pharaoh. Brothers and sisters, notice the Koran is not a history book. It contains history, but it is deeper than that. This book, brothers and sisters, is so deep, so profound. I bear witness to the Prophet Mohammad, peace and blessing be upon him, خير من تعلم القران وعلمه the best of you are those who learn Koran and teach it. O brothers and sisters, we need to read the Koran everyday. It is so deep. It is so penetrating. There is so much light upon light upon light and guidance in the Koran and if you are wise enough you read the Koran what happened thousands of years ago is a light for us to guide us in this life.

Now Glorified be Allah. You have remember reading Pharaoh had some people with him to help deceive the people. Who are they? The magicians. The magicians. Do you know who the modern magicians are? This is the media. The media will make your friends look like your enemies and make your enemies look like your friends. Media. Magical media, image,yes, image. The media’s image, man, they have used today, the media, like Pharaoh or فرعون used the magicians to deceive people. But Allah Glorified and Exalted be He, sent Moses to… the lies of the magicians… think, think, think. Pharaoh according to the scripture was one of the most powerful men of his time, perhaps the most powerful. Well, army, power and he subjected the children of Israel to slavery, harsh treatment. Think. Did not Pharaoh plot to murder babies, murder babies, all the male babies, children. Is that a fact? Is it in the Koran? Is it in the Bible? Yes it is. Why would this strong healthy man why do you murder babies? Why male babies? Because male babies will grow up to be men, men who fight for justice and men who will give his life and men who will kill, mujahideen [Muslims who practice jihad] in the path of Allah مجاهدين في سبيل الله

So kill them now when they are young, because if you allow them to grow you gonna have to deal with them in the future, so deal with them now as babies and so Pharaoh killed all of the babies all of the male babies, every one of them he murdered, babies every one of them except one, a boy named Moses. Moses, why? And so Allah revealed to the mother of Moses: put the baby in a basket . And so Allah sent the basket, where? Right to the home of Pharaoh, to the home of Pharaoh. One baby, and the one baby that made it, one that will become Moses, the very one that to bring down Pharaoh. Think, think, think.

President Pharaoh, I mean President Clinton. [audience laughs] Sorry, I’m sorry. He’s doing something. You got to analyze it you got to ask yourselves the question why, brothers and sisters, because somebody thinks [something] happened we don’t ask ourselves why, we allow it to happen. Why? American troops in Somalia, why? What’s the mission? They come on TV and say: we have to stay there until the mission is over. What is the mission in Somalia? Why? Glorified be Allah. Why the United States of America put Sudan on the list of terrorist nations? Why? Wouldn’t they know that terrorism doesn’t comes out of Sudan. Why Sudan? How come the hostility towards Libya? How come the American government can go and destroy Iraq but don’t have the guts to go to Bosnia where Muslim were being slaughtered. Why? Why?

Because you know why. They got a plan and they got a plot. And you know what, there is a partnership. The American government, big business and brothers and sisters, if you really want to go to school I’ll tell you a fact. America is big business. Business, man. This is about business, about money, it’s about profit. They don’t care how many people die as long as those in charge, powerful people, can make money, they don’t even care when people die. And the media, the co-partner in the conspiracy, the magicians. I’ll prove it to you. I’ll prove it to you right now. All you got to do is to think. I’ll give enough of actual facts.

Brothers and sisters, why the preoccupation with the World Trade Center bombing? I’ve listened to the open arguments yesterday, I’m sorry Monday. Monday the trial began with the four people accused of bombing the World Trade Center. Now, the prosecutors, these are the people that are pushing the case, charging them. Then coming the jurors. They say: look, in this court proceedings, in this case you are not going to hear a saying from somebody saw them driving the van. You won’t hear that. That’s what they are saying. This is the prosecutors are saying that. And you will not hear anyone saying they saw these men blowing up a building. You won’t hear that. But you will hear things like this, that somebody wrote a letter after the bombing claiming responsibility and we checked the saliva on the envelope, and the saliva matched one of these guys. [audience laughs]. I don’t making this up. These are facts. There was nitroglycerine the clothing of one of them. Everything is circumstantial. Now, brothers and sisters, if you make the presumption of innocence everything that these brothers did make sense.

Certainly if you are not guilty of anything, you call the place, the rental said, somebody stole your van, somebody stole the man’s van. He [inaudible] that somebody stole my van. Now I want my money back. It makes sense. I gave him the right address. I gave him the right name. I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything. But if you presume that these men are guilty, that everything that they did make no sense at all. You are with me so far? Now brothers and sisters, listen to me. You got to get it. You got to get it. You got to get it. You got to get it. You got to get it.

I’ve mentioned in this audience before and I want to say it again because is that important to me What is terrorism and why the preoccupation with the American government over the bombing of the World Trade Center? Because 6 people were murdered, right? That’s too many people… My brothers and sisters, let me sow you how the media is magic. But if I’ve told you [that] in one year over 400,000 people were murdered and no front page cover. You know why? Because the government, big business and the media combined together to keep it quiet. A conspiracy. 400,000 people in America alone died as a result of terrorism, which you don’t read about it, but everyday World Trade Center, Muslim fundamentalists . Why? Because they hid [from] us the conspiracy.

Who are the real terrorists? What if I also told you, around the world, last year 2.5 millions and every fact I’m giving you can be documented, is documented. You can check it out. I’m not talking from my mind. I’m not throwing out figures. I can back everyone of them up. 2.5 million people around the world were murdered in one year by terrorists, but you’re don’t read about it nowhere. Why? Because of the conspiracy of silence by the American government… Brothers and sisters, I admit that what I’m going to say right now is going to blow your mind. I admit it. Really. I’m going to give something right now is so startling; it is so mind boggling, is going to blow your mind.

So, give it a hold on. Are you ready?… Brothers and sisters, listen to this and I admit that it is scary. What I’m talking about right now is something that is so dangerous that many people are affected by it, so dangerous that some people in this audience might be the victims of the great terrorism that I’m speaking about tonight. And you know what it is? Cigarettes. Cigarettes. Tobacco. Cigarettes is the most profitable business on this earth. It costs less than one half penny to produce one pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes. Every year in America over four hundred thousands people lose their lives directly as a result of cigarettes This is not debating. It is an actual fact. Cigarettes. That little thing, so powerful. Inside a white stick over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. One of them is a drug called nicotine. And even though you know that there is no good for your health, it makes your breath horrible, your teeth yellow and brown. It takes from your life, yet still people have to line up. You tell people it’s forbidden [haram], it’s disliked [makrooh] and still they have to line up. Why? Why?

Because those in power, big business and the media make it look good. Advertisement. One company Philip Morris spent over 2 billion dollars in one year to advertise their pack. Bringing in over 48 billion dollars of revenue. More income than Saudi Arabia. 48 billion dollars more that Gross National Product of many countries. But wait,… Listen, listen. Right now in China 250 million people smoke 1.5 trillion cigarettes a year. Right now in China. 50 million Chinese youths, Chinese youths are alive today, but eventually be dead directly as a result of tobacco. Cigarette smokers. And check this out. By the year 2040, are you ready? around the world 12.5 million people will lose their lives every year as a result of cigarettes. What is the significance of this? Don’t you think that the government is saying; wait a minute, people are dying’ let’s stop this. This is cruel. People die, let’s stop it. Why don’t they stop it? You know why? Because the government is there of the top, billions, billions and billions of dollars they make and the state gets 33 cents, 40 cents a pack of cigarettes. The state local governments get their cut from cigarettes… And you why nothing is done? Money. Greed.

Look, listen, do you brothers and sisters, every time there is a war, there are people at benefit. Businesses benefit from war. Think, if a military is going to gain billions of dollars of profits if there is a war so they sale their weapons and sale their ammunition. Is there a possibility that wars are started in order to get money? Some have interest, interest of the United States, Canadian interest. What is the interest? Brothers and sisters, you know what? This is too heavy, too heavy. You know why? I realize most of us, I mean most of the people down the earth they can’t get it. You know why? They don’t see the real connection. Now, why would they try to make appear as if the Muslims are the terrorists? Motive. What is the motive? I’ll tell you what the motive is. I’ve almost finished. I know these things are very very heavy. I want you to do something by the way. I’m saying all this because I want you to listen… Sheik Abdullah Hakim [Quick], our imam here and others… I signal out our imams, our leaders, because they have a tremendous weight on their shoulders. What is all about? And why Muslims? Brothers and sisters absolutely the only ones who can stop this madness around the world, this desire for wealth and all expenses, you may even not noticed about my country America. America is one of the greatest terrorist nation on this earth, but you know what? They hide it. It’s magic. They appear to be so nice. Let’s go to Somalia and feed the people, the stolen people in Somalia, let us go and we will bring the food and look what these savages are doing to us. But they don’t show you what the American people is doing to them and why? Why? Why are you in Somalia? Even the American people is saying: Bring our troops home. American troops are being dying in Somalia, but the American people is saying: Bring our troops home and the President is saying: No, we must stay there until we finish our objectives?

What are your objectives Mr. President? And I’ll tell you what it is. All over the world [the objective is] to stop the rise of Muslims. Why? Because the only hope for this world, peace on this earth, are Muslims. Why? You what brothers and sisters, I don’t think we know who we are. Imam, I’ve realized something. Two weeks ago I had to go to Calgary to give a lecture, a lecture titled: The role of the Muslim women in society, the role of the Muslim women in society. I’ve been giving this speech before. Imam, something happened that day. Early in the morning, 4 o’clock, I won’t forget it. The very same day that I was supposed to get on a plane to go to Calgary it hit me. Ahh. I heard speakers, the role of the Muslim woman in the society, I read books, the role of the Muslim woman in the society. No man, no. When you give a lecture the role of the Muslim woman in the society, when non-Muslim women in the audience, you know what they do? They sit back as spectators, judging how a Muslim woman is supposed to act in the Islamic society? No, no good. You know I learned imam, what I understood? I didn’t teach that topic that day.

The topic that I taught was the role of the woman in society. You know why? I looked at the audience and I saw all the non-Muslim men there and I said: Sir, I pointed a gun. I said: Look around. I said: [Do] you see these Muslim women? With their long beautiful scarves, have their beautiful dresses. That’s the way your wife is supposed to dress. These women are the vanguards. They are the first step. When Allah revealed the Koran, whom did he revealed to? Where were the Muslims? There were no Muslims. So who is the Koran for? Not only for the Muslims, it is for society… I tell you man, we have to stop it. Our job is to go to the people ما ارسلناك الا رحمة للعالمين Allah revealed to Prophet Mohammad. peace and blessing be upon him: We have sent you only as a mercy to mankind. And Prophet Mohammad was a mercy for mankind. We have to be a mercy for mankind. If the Prophet Mohammad was a mercy for all of the world the Muslims must be in Canada, in Toronto, we must be a mercy for the people in the city. We will never be a mercy until we go to them and give them [non-Muslims] the guidance, share with them what Allah has for them, not just for the Muslims. Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s gonna to come home now. Look. Who are you? Brothers and sisters, who are you? Don’t you know that the people here are dependent upon you? You don’t even know that they’re dependent upon you. We’re busy trying to be like them and they [non-Muslims] need guidance. You can’t be like them [non-Muslims], man, you got to be different from them [non-Muslims]. You got to say: Here, come, come Madam, come follow me, come, let me show you how to live a life. Come sir, come Madam, come Prime Minister, come representative, come politician, come, come here. I’ll be an example for you here

That reminded me Roger Clemens [American baseball starting pitcher who was bit by a dog while coming to its help], reminded me hoe we work here. Because you know why? Because while we’re trying to help non-Muslims to see the light, to share with them the guidance that Allah has given to us, they are going to continue to attack us. I say this to you. Let them continue to write bad things about us, bad editorials. Let them curse us. Let them laugh at us. Let them slander us. Still let us go there and give them the guidance. Let them say all kind of mean and vicious things about us. Even though they say mean vicious evil things about us still you come to guide them. Because that’s the way our Prophet Mohammad was peace and blessing be upon him. Why the Muslims? Because really there is no more power on this earth that can bring justice on this earth than Muslims. There is no power on earth. And there is no good people that are going to check evil people if mischief was spread to this earth.

Brothers and sisters, I’ll close with this. You may not know this but in governments especially the oppressive they always have alive spies to check the people, to make sure the people will never rebel against them. This is why Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, talks about in the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, talked about in the Quran about الظن that’s اجْتَنِبُوا كَثِيرًا مِّنَ الظَّنِّ إِنَّ بَعْضَ الظَّنِّ إِثْمٌ stay away from most cases of suspicion, for suspicion in some cases is a sin… If a man is committing adultery he begins to suspect his wife is committing adultery, because when the persons themselves… that’s psychology. They themselves will do it and therefore they put it on other people, other people must be doing it. What you go? Where are you going? What time you’ll be back? Where were you? They put it on somebody else. When people are unjust, leadership is unjust, always there will be a paranoia of an unjust leadership. So therefore you have to spy, check what the man is doing, check the phones, check the cars…

What governments do, because they see Muslims are spread, they send to your masajid your mosques agents from the government… Two kinds of agents they send, and they send them here in Toronto also. The first agent comes to the masjid [Mosque], all he does is observe. He’s not saying anything. Just watch. Watch who is against the imam? Who are the imams? Watch who are nationalistic? Watch the brothers or sisters who have weakness for drugs? Watch the man who is weak for women. Just watch. Because if you look and observe you’ll see things. They look and they observe and they take notes and they go back and [say]: Oh Intelligence, and they’d sit down and they’d compare all of the notes because next man they gonna send is not a man to watch and observe, but they are going to send what they call, an agent provocateur. What is agent provocateur? We’re going to try to provoke these people to do something for our agenda.

Now, we talked about unity. Let’s keep the community together. Get all communities in Toronto getting together in the sake of Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He. Somebody comes. We don’t want to get together because of the agent provocateur must not allow the Muslims to come together and in the same way they do it locally they do it internationally, so-called peace accords in the Middle East, in Palestine wasn’t brilliant moves by the Jews? They’re smart. Good move from their part, why? Their appearance looks like peace loving people and at the same time create a buffer between us and the Muslims so that if the Muslims attack us we don’t have to fight them, we got our goy [non-Jew] to do our fighting for us. Why do you think the United States government pledged the PLO 2 billion dollars. This is the beginning. Give them the money, because if I give you money you have to do my plan, and my plan is to stop the rise of the Muslims.

I have a document, the FBI in the United States of America instituted a plan years ago called COINTELPRO – Counter Intelligence Program. I quote: to stop the rise of a Messiah, to stop the rise of a Messiah, like Moses, like Muhammad, peace be upon him, like somebody that can unite. So, now they send agent provocateurs, they go next to the brother who is very ramble. Brother, look what these enemies are doing to us. We want to blow buildings and bridges. Yea, you are right brother. They got you for a conspiracy. That easy. They’d spur you talk, involve you, push you, move you, because they know, they studied, they know your profile, they know your weakness, they know how to get to you, and they use everything.

Don’t you see? The Shaytan [Satan] watches us… from a place we cannot see them. But, they see, they watch, they manipulate, they move. Why you? Because you are the ones that can change. Brothers and sisters, don’t you know that by the end of the year 2050 in America white people, European Americans will be a minority, and do you know Islam is growing so fast, 6 millions, 8 million Muslims in America. Two years ago I’ve read the Omak [Omak Chronicle?] they said the population of Muslims in America 6 millions. In this year I looked, they say that the population of Muslims in America 2 millions. Wait a minute, where are the 4 millions go? You know what’s happening? Islam is growing up in a rapid pace. Everywhere you look, new schools, new masjids [mosques], and they don’t want to tell the people what’s happening. Muslims are growing. Don’t you see? They know it and if they ever unite, man, what a powerful group it would be.

I gave a lecture in the University of Michigan. When the lecture was over, in the back, there was a woman, a Jewish woman, a professor in the university. She said: Imam Wahhaj, tell me, if the Muslims ever became a majority of the people of America would they then vote to implement the Sharia? Would they then vote to implement the Koran and the Sunnah [teachings of Mohammad] as the guiding principles in Islam? You know what? These people are always thinking ahead, thinking ahead. Brothers and sisters, study the demographics of the earth and the world. You’ll see, Islam is rising everywhere. The numbers are phenomenal. But there is a problem. The problem is, we can’t see them [Muslims] getting together, because somebody is working to keeps us apart. Somebody is active. How to stop him? We must be as active as they are, trying to work for unity. I come here, spit at my face if you like, I’ll still work for unity [of the Muslims]. Everywhere you go, try to get the Muslims go together, to work together.

Why New York City? Because in New York City where are the greatest unifying axis happening right now, 41 different Muslim communities [are] working together consistently growing, the message of shura [decision-making process in consultation] is growing. 15 communities are waiting to join it now. Soon all 100 of Muslims communities in New York City, Allah Willing, will be working together. Why? Because will power, we desire, we must be willing into existence with Allah permission and let nothing stop us to help us work together. If we can do it in New York City we can do it in any city. Somebody, somebody has to say: man, despite what you’re saying, despite what you do, we still not bringing it together, we don’t work together in the path of Allah [في سبيل الله]. This is the attitude that we have to have and all the little differences, don’t let the shaytan [Satan] come, don’t let the enemies come to divide us.

Now, brothers ans sisters, you know what this thing is all about? This thing is all about markets. Markets. In a few years by the year 2015, Pakistan, it will be India, the most populated nation on earth, China, Nigeria and Pakistan. If the trend continues, dominated by Muslims, it can end up with power, political power. How do you feed all these people? Economic political power. And that is the bottom line brothers and sisters. People in power don’t want to see the Muslims develop economic power. It not just praying. They don’t mind. Go pray. Stay in the masjid [mosque] and pray, please. And you know what? These women there, these Muslim women who are the vanguards, who dare to be the first to step out to please Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, can have an impact on the Canadian people and the American people, and you’ll see, these sisters [who wear hijab] will bring a transformation in the rest of the world. If they stand up and be what they supposed to be there will be a transformation.

Now, look, I’ll close with this. Brothers and sisters, you, all of you… school. Stay there for now until you get your full time school. Wait to get you full time school, but while you’ have been impacted. Yeah. You have been impacted. You can’t sisters. Sisters, you can’t be like everybody else. Sisters, you got listen to me. I’m talking to you, I’m talking to you because if you miss it now you will miss them. You are special and you to feel like that. So, you’re special. You go to school every day with a purpose. I’m special. I’m a Muslim. I want to do the the will of Allah. Yes, I’m special. I have a mission. I want to do the the will of Allah. That’s the way you have to be. Because you know brothers and sisters, let’s face it, consider: We’re terrorists? No, don’t you know that we as Muslims don’t even hurt animals that are less than human beings.

Listen to the Prophet [Mohammad] واللَّهِ لا يُؤْمِنُ، واللَّهِ لا يُؤْمِنُ، واللَّهِ لا يُؤْمِنُ، قِيلَ: مَنْ I swear by Allah, he doesn’t believe, I swear by Allah, he doesn’t believe, I swear by Allah, he doesn’t believe. They say: Who? He said: That person whose neighbour is not They are not secure from the harm. They are not supposed to run from us. They are not supposed to change seats on the plane. They are supposed to learn to sit next to us. They should want that we buy a house in their neighbourhood. They [non-Muslims] should want to be next to Muslims, because if he a true Muslim his neighbour is safe and secure. His neighbour is protected because he’s a true Muslim. If he is a true Muslim I don’t care who your neighbour is a Jew, a Christian, a male, a female, black or white, Canadian, American, a pagan, whoever the neighbour is, give him a gift and treat him in kindness. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that angel Jibreel get taught, started saying: be kind to your neighbour so much he thought that Allah will going to make us, make them inherit from us instead of us inherit from them. That’s how kind we are supposed to be to our neighbours. So, our classmates, you will be an example in your school. You don’t backbite. You don’t slander nobody. You go to school, you do your work. And you let the non-Muslims look at you as an example. Let them look at the Muslim sister and say: Oh, that’s sister Fatimah. She is so nice. I wish I could be like her. I wish I could be like Ahmed. On your job brothers, on your job give me the best, give me the hardest worker, you are not trying on the job trying to… sit down, rob your employer for hours of work, and you sit down and don’t to go to work. No. You are Muslim. You go to work and you work harder than anybody else cause you are Muslim and you are an example to the people of Canada. You are mercy for them. They need to see something. You know what? Above is not enough. Because Allah said in the book, Allah said a man Muhammad, peace be upon him, has an example of the book and now people can see, they can relate, this is the model I want to follow in the same way Mohammad, peace be upon him, is not here, but you are here and you must be a mercy now. Everywhere.

Everywhere you go. Let the people Canadians, let them see us. Don’t hide. Don’t hide. Get up. Get out and be proud of your deen [religion of Islam]. If you do this brothers and sisters, watch, you’ll see hundreds of thousands and millions of Canadians A. are accepting Islam or B. at least becoming friends of Muslims. How to do it? How behaviour, let’s get to the media and show the real culture of Islam. I say this to you ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين‏. They plan and plot, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners. May Allah help us, help this Ummah [Muslim nation], help this group [jamaa] here, help the groups get together, Allah Willing, to show the world that we are not terrorists, not by saying we are not terrorists, but by… showing our good work everywhere. I pray to continue the success of Toronto. I pray to Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, that Toronto can get be together and Vancouver and Saskatoon and Regina, in Winnipeg, in Montreal, in London in all of the cities in Canada, Allah Willing, we get together, Allah Willing, when that happens we’ll show the people that we are not the terrorists, we’ll expose the terrorists and bring the people to guidance, Allah Willing. May Allah bless you. Ameen.

Question: Is it true that two or three years ago that the Jews were put in charge of the security of the World Trade Center and when they have all the layouts and plans of the World Trade Center they signed out.

Siraj Wahhaj: I don’t know that as a fact, but I tell you this and in fact most people don’t know that the World Trade Center is a very highly, has always been a highly security area and anybody can get in there you have to clear security and again I think that it’s very strange that a very sophisticated bomb was made to blow that building and to get the ones accused of detonated was such, displayed themselves to be such fools if in fact they were the ones that are responsible. So I have a lot of questions in my mind about who was responsible for that.

Question: I understand that those who accuse Muslims are the ones who bombed the World Trade Center, but what, I guess he wanted to say that perhaps it was done by the Mossad, the Jewish, Israeli security agency. Please clarify it to me.

Question: You still didn’t mention who bombed the World Trade Center and why?

Question: It should come to no surprise that Israel may be linked to the World Trade bombing. In 1954 in Egypt, Israel’s agents bombed American and Arab targets in Egypt to create hatred and tension between Arabs and Americans.

Siraj Wahhaj: All of these speculations are possibility and brothers and sisters to be I’d like to be honest if I don’t have evidence I’m not going to say. It’s a strong possibility… that they could have done it. It is to the interests of some, especially at that time Israeli government that Muslims will be looked upon in a very negative way, and these things are nothing new. It was done in history… I don’t know who bombed the World Trade Center. The major question is what is the objective? What we were trying to do? What was trying to be accomplished? I think that I do know that was accomplished that Muslims were accused of doing it. And it gave Muslims a bad eye in the eyes of the major media. Whose interest is it? To have Muslims looked down upon. Again it’s the government, big business and the media… Again can I say the Mossad did it? No. But I’ll say one thing. It has the fingerprints of agencies like the Mossad. The intrigue.