Firas Al Najim: “Oh Allah, make [Palestinian] jihad fighters hit their targets” in Israel

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Firas Al Najim

Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) is a pro Palestinian Canadian registered non for profit organization (NO.1067715-9). Its Co-Managers are Aliya Hasan (Aliyawa Jamal Hasan) and Firas Al Najim.

On May 11, 2021 Firas Al Najim tweeted (originally in Arabic):

Oh Allah, for the sake of the master of the martyrs [Qassem Soleimani, Iranian major general and commander of the Quds Force (1997/98–2020), a wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)], make the [Palestinian] jihad fighters [mujahideen] hit their targets in occupied Palestine and give them victory over [support them against] the criminal occupiers. # Palestine_ rises up # Palestine_fights [resists] # Jerusalem_[is]closer [for liberation]

Jihad Fighters of Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades Launching Rockets Targeting Israeli Communities

Qassem Soleimani – Background Information

White House’s statement (January 2, 2020):

General [Qasem] Soleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. General Soleimani and his Quds Force were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American and coalition service members and the wounding of thousands more. He had orchestrated attacks on coalition bases in Iraq over the last several months – including the attack on December 27th – culminating in the death and wounding of additional American and Iraqi personnel. General Soleimani also approved the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad that took place this week.

Portrait of Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Qods Force, Instigator of Iranian Subversion and Terrorism in the Middle East and around the Globe By Dr. Raz Zimmt

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