Firas Al Najim broadcast anti-Israel message in front of a Toronto synagogue

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Firas Al Najim. Photo: Facebook video CD4HR – screenshot

Firas Al Najim is a Co-Manager of Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) is a pro Palestinian Canadian registered non for profit organization (NO.1067715-9).

On Saturday, May 11, 2019 Firas Al Najim posted a video message that was taped in front of the Jewish Congregation B’nai Torah located at 465 Patricia Ave, Toronto ( intersection of Bathurst and Steeles).

Here the transcript of Firas Al Najim’s message in front of the synagogue:

So as you see here behind “We have a share in Israel.” Your share in Israel is the hashtag, okey. Here they are advertising for the Walk with Israel right here as you see. See how they make the pictures look so innocent, look at this. look at this. They put little kids, you know, look how specialized they are in deceiving people, in manipulating people to think that they are peaceful people and that their state [Israel] is such a peaceful state, you know, it’s obviously one pf the most evil state you’ll ever seen in your life, okay, in this century right now. As you see here they have advertisements all over here on Bathurst [Street]. So May 20th, don’t forget guys, May 20th, Victoria Day, I’ts Monday. 3 O’clock [pm], we gonna have our protest, our counter protest. We gonna stand up and we gonna make a stand and show the Canadian people that we object this illegitimate state and to their atrocities and all their war crimes. As you see here, there is another one [sign]. It is [Walk with Israel] advertised very freely over here, you know. More and more pictures, you know. Terroristic [sic] pictures, you know. So don’t forget guys, spread t he word, May 20th, Victoria Day, okay. And here is a Palestinian coin so just you can see. This is from 1941, before the illegitimate state was established, Palestine. Now that they don’t recognize and they erased it off the map, and they [Palestinians] don’t even have any statehood, any passports, nothing like that. See three languages English, Arabic and Hebrew.