Calgary BDS activist: “Netanyahu acting worse than the western zio version of Hitler”

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Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris. Photo: Facebook video Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris – screenshot

Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris is a Calgary-based anti-Israel Muslim activist and the Co-Founder/Writer/Editor of

On April 14, 2019 Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris posted on his Facebook page:

Netanyahu acting worse than the western zio version of Hitler right now, unilaterally taking land, threatening to attack its neighbors, setting up concentration camps, systematic genocide, endless settlement building. I always laugh when some poorly trained hasbara baby killer says, “how can “israel” be a manifest destiny state, they haven’t taken any land in years and gave Gaza back”. Honestly, I mean really, continued settlement expansion by it’s very definition is theft. Trump has unilaterally handed the zio joos Jerusalem, the Golan heights and now the west bank, and did the zio joo never look at the original zio joo terrorist propaganda ads? They literally call for a Jewish state from the Mediterranean to Babylon, which they already destroyed with the help of their evangelical nutcase buddies. There is no two state solution, “israel” is and always will be a rogue terrorist state by it’s very definition a racist ethnocentric genocidal manifest destiny state.

Ps. The zio joos never give anything back, Gaza was payed for by the blood of Palestinian youth, willing after decades of occupation, still willing to rise. Gaza was paid for in blood and it’s the only land in Palestine the zio joos dont directly hold.

The following article was attached to the post “At least 4,615 new units in plans and tenders were approved, including two plans involving the expropriation of private Palestinian land.”