Calgary anti-Israel activist: “Euro[pean] zio [Zionist] Js [Jews] are pigs”

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Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris. Photo: Facebook video Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris – screenshot

Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris is a Calgary-based anti-Israel Muslim activist and the Co-Founder/Writer/Editor of

His short bio on reads:

Catlin Alexander Ferris is an investigative Journalist, Researcher, columnist, writer, Libertarian and dedicated social Pro Palestinian activist, Originally from the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Cat has since traveled many places in the world in the pursuit of knowledge and growth. Currently devoted to the liberation of occupied Palestine, Cat’s ambition is to one day be recognized on the same level as the intellectual activist who he looks up to, people like Mark Dankof, Kevin Barrett, and Kenneth O’Keefe. Many call themselves “libertarians” yet they support Extrajudicial executions.

On February 29, 2020 Cat Alexander Simpson Ferris posted on Facebook:

Euro[pean] zio [Zionist] Js [Jews] are pigs eye.on.palestine 🇵🇸#Palestine || Zionist colonizers tried to provoke a group of Palestinian travelers during their tour in Ein Sakout near Tubas in the northern valleys, ” We are the land owners, we don’t have to sing or to provoke others to prove that we are the land owner ” the tour guide @ramzi.ans said.

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