Antisemitic graffiti “The Goyim Know” reported at Queen’s University

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Antisemitic Graffiti at Queen’s University. Photo: Hasbara Fellowships Canada FSWC

On April 5, 2015 Hasbara Fellowships Canada reported:

“Earlier today, a student at Queen’s University [in Kingston, Ontario] said that he came across this antisemitic display.

“Our campus staff have been in touch with the student. In his words: “I was walking home after an exam and I saw it on the pavement. I didn’t know what it meant… first time that I have experienced something like this on campus.”

“The Goyim Know” is a catchphrase used to impersonate and mock Jews through conspiracy theories associated with the Jewish people.”

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) reported that a second graffiti found at Queen’s University reads: “USS Liberty.” According to FSWC, it is “referring to the US Navy ship that was attacked by the Israeli Air Force and Navy during the Six-Day War. While Israel apologized for the attack and stated it was in error, numerous conspiracy theories targeting Israel and claiming the attack was deliberate have surfaced.”