Alanna Johnston, Bahira Abdulsalam: “Zionism is rooted in every government”

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Alanna Johnston Photo: X – Alanna Johnston (profile picture)

Alanna Johnston is a political activist and until recently a delegate from Toronto for the NDP convention.

On October 24, 2023, Alanna Johnston posted on X:

I was stripped of my delegate credentials at federal NDP Convention for standing with a Palestinian protest. No one (except the 4 of us who were silenced) complained abt lack of democracy. I’m a free speech advocate, about to quote Section 2(c) of the Charter to government.

Dr. Bahira Abdulsalam is a former Mayoral Candidate for the City of Toronto, prominent leader of the 1MillionMarch4Children, Certified Professional Structural Engineer, engaged TDSB parent representative and inspirational College Professor.

On January 7, 2024, Bahira Abdulsalam posted on X:

Do you consider the American government is the real source of terrorism, and Israel is a just a tool?

Or that Israel is the source of terrorism and they are using the American recourses to commit their terrorist attacks ?

Or that Zionism is a system rooted in every government in the world and needs to be ended to protect Palestinians and ProPalestinians and the freedoms and dignity in the world?

Alanna Johnston commented:

3rd option, that Zionism is rooted in every govt and needs to be ended. I just returned from a rally in TO. It was cold and snowing and well worth the effort for a #CeasefireandAidNOW in #Palestine.

Bahira Abdulsalam responded:

Thank you Alanna I agree with you .. it would be great if we can meet in person next rally..