U-Haul investigates allegations about denial of service to Jewish customer

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U-Haul Photo: Facebook U-Haul

On May 15, 2021 Natalie Kotler reported on Facebook:

This morning my boyfriend Reuven Harris got denied a service simply because he is Jewish. I have attached some pictures and videos below for further awareness explaining the situation. Police reports were taken however unfortunately nothing can be done due to the fact that he is the private owner it is not a public place. What is happening in the world right now is a true shame. Let’s work together as a team, a big Jewish family. Please share and help spread the word. No one should be able to get away with this, let alone experience this kind of hatred and racism.

In the attached video to her post Reuven Harris said:

Pushing me out of his store, filming me… antisemitic pure f—— hate crime, pure f—— hate speech. What I experienced I wish that nobody in the world would ever experience. To be kicked out of a store, to not be served, because of the person that I am, because of what makes me who I f—— am. I hope nobody ever experiences that…

Reuven Harris provided more details about the incident:

i went to a uhaul location at 231 livingstone avenue to rent a uhaul truck to help a friend move today. when i walked in the owner was watching a war video on facebook and told me hes watching the video while he serves me because his country is at war. i told him my country is at war too so i understand. he asked me where im from i told him israel as i had lived there in the past. he took out his phone started to film me and tell me my people are killing all his people to which that i responded that hamas is killing your people and not me. he chased me out of his tractor trailer uhaul location in the parking lot telling me im killing his poeple and jews are not welcome there and i am never welcome to come back to his business. i have reported this incident to the police as well as the necessary jewish organizations in toronto. all i wanted was fair treatment a human should receive at a business and this business owner decided to use his anger (which i feel as well) to spew anti semetic hate speech and rhetoric at me and to refuse me my human rights by treating me different as a result of who i am/my religion/my homeland. to everyone helping and sharing my instagram story thank you, this is not acceptable in a time where we are all suffering. i am in the process of making a formal complaint with uhaul right now.

Responding to the allegations U-Haul stated:

We are aware of the allegations about an independent small business that also serves as a U-Haul dealer location. Our local team was informed earlier today and is looking into the situation. U-Haul practices a policy of inclusion and does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.