Toronto BDS video urging Canadians not to buy Israeli products from COSTCO

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Toronto BDS video. Photo: YouTube Toronto BDSAction – screenshot

The Canadian BDS Coalition strives “to promote, support and help coordinate boycott, divestment, and sanctions activities in Canada; provide Canadians with resources to help them understand and take action in support of the Palestinian call for BDS; and promote and defend the right of Canadians to freedom of expression in support of BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions].”

On May 6, 2019 Canadian BDS Coalition posted a video promoting BDS against Israel accompanied with the following statement:

Boycott COSTCO products from Israel. Tell COSTCO to stop buying products from Israel. As Ramadan begins do NOT buy Medjoul Dates marked as “product of Israel.” These are from illegal settlements in occupied Palestine. Medjoul dates grow in the Jordan Valley–Israel occupies the Jordan Valley.

The video, that was uploaded on May 6, 2019 on Toronto BDSAction YouTube Channel, features a young boy at COSTCO pointing at Israeli products in the store and urging Canadians to avoid buying them:

Hi guys, now I am In COSTCO. Some products, don’t buy from COSTCO. Come with me and see what [unintelligible] . Products like this [pomegranate], don’t buy from COSTCO. Why? Because it’s a product of Israel [اسرائيل] Dates like these, don’t buy from COSTCO. Why? This is the reason. Those too are products of Israel [اسرائيل]. [Products] like this, don’t buy, you know why? Because it is made of Israel [اسرائيل]. You shouldn’t buy products of Israel [اسرائيل], because Israel [اسرائيل] is killing the children and women in Palestine and occupying the Palestinian land. We urge COSTCO to stop selling products of Israel [اسرائيل]. Last but not least, over here take a paper and write a message to COSTCO to stop selling Israel [اسرائيل] products.

Captions on the video read:

COSTCO stocks products from occupied Palestine. You can help fight Israeli apartheid by boycotting produce and products from Israel.