Thornhill: Jewish man was assaulted by Black Live Matter supporter

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York Regional police

On June 29, 2020 Meir HaLevi Weinstein reported on Facebook:

I just now got a report of a Jewish man assaulted last night [June 28, 2020] in Thornhill [ON] (Center and New Westminster) area [3 km north of Toronto] by a supporter of Black Lives Matter who shouted after the assault, “Black Lives Matter”.

A witness told CanadaDocs that on June 28, 2020 around 10:35 pm a Black man accompanied with a Hispanic looking young woman approached him and his friend while they were doing their evening walk in the area of North Park Road in Thornhill, Ontario. When the couple asked them for the time they said that they don’t wearing a watch or carry a phone. It turned out that the couple were looking for locating a person with whom the woman exchanged messages in a dating website. Soon after they approached a Jewish person who was standing outside a condo building and texting messages in his cellphone. The woman accused him of sending her “racist” messages and the black man repeatedly punched and kicked him, took his hat and then stood on a rock yelling “Black Lives Matter” and “watch out bitches”. The passerby called them to stop the beating and asked them for the reason for the violence. They said that the assaulted person sent the woman “racist” messages and showed the phone and messages to them. According to the witness, in the messages on her phone the person told her he is not interested in meeting her if she has kids. The couple left the area in Uber cab.

Note: The article was updated based on a conversation with a witness.