Ronny Cameron: “9/11 was a Zionist Job… Never forget!”

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Ronny Cameron. Photo: ProperGander TV video – screenshot

Ronny Cameron is a Toronto-based far-right blogger and activist.

On May 22, 2019 Ronny Cameron posted:

9/11 was a Zionist Job… Never forget!

When asked in comments to provide evidence for his claim Ronny Cameron wrote:

Google “the dancing Israelis”

for starters: Israelis found filming event with explosive material in truck, dancing Israelis, Israeli security team worked at WTC, Larry Silverstein, the aftermath in Mideast benefited Israel. Motive: pit your enemies against each other. Perpetuate and validate Zionist rhetoric. Financial gains. Imperialism. Disabled Muslim middle-east = safe Israel.

In response to the comment “911 was done by ugly Arab allah lovers. Case closed. Allah lovers” Ronny Cameron wrote:

“done”, not orchestrated by.

Ronny Cameron also commented:

I disagree with globalism and Zionism and I have yet to meet a Jewish person who is opposed to both as well. Have you ever met a Jew who is opposed to both Zionism and globalism? Didn’t think so…