Omar Alghabra: Canada will continue to support Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

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Omar Alghabra Photo: Facebook video Omar Alghabra

On July 30, 2020 Liberal Member of Parliament and the prime minister’s parliamentary secretary Omar Alghabra tweeted:

Last weekend I was happy to virtually join a walkathon organized by @CPPF_Club [Canadian Palestinian Professional Foundation] in their efforts to raise funds for @THP_hospital [Trillium Health Partners]. I offered my thoughts on potential Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. Unilateral annexation would contravene international law.

The tweet was accompanied with a short video message:

In addition to the to the pandemic [Covid-19], in addition to the conversations that we’re having at home here in Canada about systemic racism and discrimination, there’s also an ongoing issue that the [Arab/ Muslim] community is frustrated with, which is the potential that Israel is going to announce the annexation of occupied Palestinian territories. I do want to take a moment to say that the Canadian government has declared and has informed privately and publicly to Israeli leaders, including the Israeli prime minister and to Canadians, that we are against the idea of annexing Palestinian territories. So I want you to know that myself and many other MPs and ministers stand firm in this policy and our government has in the past showed that we as Canada can make a constructive difference in the world and particularly in supporting Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and we will continue to do so. And I want to take a moment to thank all of the activists who have been advocating on behalf of Palestinians to make sure that we continue the pursuit of an independent sovereign country for Palestinians and I remain committed to working with all of you on achieving that goal.