Nakba Day in Toronto: “We pray for speedy and total dismantlement of Israel”

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Nakba Day protest in Toronto 18 May 2019. Photo: JCPA.ORG

On May 18, 2019 a pro-Palestinian demonstration titled “Nakba 71: Cross-Canada Day of Action” took place at Toronto Dundas Square. For more information about its organizers, endorsements and messages click here.

Here is a statement by Rabbi Dovid Feldman from Neturei Karta that was read during the rally:

Asaloom alekoom – Peace be upon you all

We apologize that, due to the religious restrictions of the Jewish Sabbath, we cannot speak to you today on the microphone, but we are here to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in general and to contribute to today’s rally here in Toronto.

We have gathered here today to commemorate the Palestinian Nakba Day, the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people 71 years ago with the creation of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948.

We of the Jewish faith, representing anti-Zionist Jews in Canada, are joining in this rally to express our solidarity.

Jews and Palestinians used to live in peace together before Zionism. It was Zionism that created the conflict by claiming the Holy Land as their state. They expelled most of the Palestinians and took over their villages and homes. These crimes are unfortunately continuing already for decades to the present day. We have visited Gaza since the siege and we have witnessed the tragic circumstances its residence. We are embarrassed that all of this is being done supposedly in our name.

All the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people are not just criminal according to international law, but are true violations of Jewish law. Killing, stealing, occupying another’s land, oppressing an entire people, or damage someone else’s property, are grave violations of Judaism.

In fact, even without any crime against any other people, the very existence of a Jewish sovereign state is against basic Jewish belief.

According to Judaism, the Jewish people are in exile by Divine Decree and are forbidden to end their exile by any physical means, fight other nations, or immigrate en-masse to the Holy Land. We are required to be loyal citizens of the countries where we reside.

In addition, Judaism and Zionism are diametrically opposed. Judaism is a religion, while Zionism is a political nationalism. The agenda of the Zionist movement is to transform Judaism from a religion into a nationalism, to transform the Jewish people from a people of the book, a religious people, those who follow the word of the Almighty, into a people of war, oppression and domination.

Because all the above, almost all Jewish religious leaders were opposed to the Zionist movement from its inception. It was a movement that fought against traditional Judaism in every way.

And to the present day, masses of Jews worldwide, from Canada to the Holy Land are not only opposed to the existence of the State of Israel and all its actions, but they often come out to the streets in protest against them. Those of our community who live in the Holy Land refuse to serve in the Zionist army. They are beaten and arrested and go to jail for their refusal.

So it’s clear to anyone who knows the facts that Judaism is not Zionism and the existence of the State of Israel or its action are not supported by all Jews or condoned by the Torah, the Jewish religion. Therefore anti-Zionism cannot be considered anti-Semitic.

The State of Israel and its spokespeople do not represent world Jewry or the Jewish religion.

We promote a totally free Palestine. All rights must be restored to the Palestinian people, including the right of Return.

We pray for the speedy and total dismantlement of the State of Israel, we hope it will happen in a peaceful way, with no more suffering of anyone. Once this obstacle to peace is removed, we can expect to see once again that beautiful peaceful coexistence that we once had in Palestine.

Ultimately we pay for the revelation of the Almighty’s glory throughout the universe, when all mankind will serve the Him together in peace and harmony. Amen

Asaloom alekoom