Montreal BDS activist: “Greetings to the fighters in Gaza”, “down with Israel”

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Jaoudat Najjar. Photo: Jaoudat Najjar Facebook – screenshot

Jaoudat Najjar is a Palestinian-born Canadian who is involved in leading and organizing anti Israel activities, including BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), in Montreal.

Here are excerpts from Jaoudat Najjar’s statements in a video he posted on May 4, 2019 discussing the current round of violence between Israel and a coalition of Palestinian armed groups led by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad (originally in Arabic):

The Palestinian people will be victorious and will erase the existence of Israel. It [Israel] will be erased, because I don’t recognize something [entity] called Israel… The Zionist enemy is an enemy that commits crimes, enemy that commits terror. He [the Zionist enemy] is the one who created the terror in the world… they fooled the entire world. This is the Zionist enemy. They fooled the world, deceived them, gave them money, took whatever they wanted and bought them with money… The resistance [armed Palestinian groups] in Gaza will be victorious, and they will be victorious in spite of Israel, America, the Arab states and the Islamic states led by Saudi Arabia… they are terrorist states, they are the Jews of Khaybar [In the year 628 the Muslims led by Mohammad fought against the Jews living in the oasis of Khaybar)… Greetings to our people, the fighters in Gaza, Beit Hanoun, Shuja’iyya, Nuserat, Al-Rimal neighborhood and in every place in the city of Gaza, we say to them: We are with you heart and soul. Tomorrow, Allah Willing, in the city of Montreal in Canada we will be speaking with you and will say to you, at 2 pm a demonstration will begin in support of Gaza… Long live Palestine, long live the resistance [armed] struggle, down with the occupation and down with Israel.