Michael Arana says “fake Jews own the media and the banks”, “I hate Zionism”

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Michael Arana. Photo YouTube Arana Nation

Michael Arana, “the Commander in Chief of Arana Nation,” is a Canadian independent commentator, journalist and activist who opposes what he calls the “new world order” and “the fake Jew Zionists.”

On January 29, 2020 Michael Arana posted a video titled ‘Donald Trump’s ‘Middle East Peace Plan’ is anything but peaceful!” The description of the video reads:

Donald Trump and his Master Benjamin Netanyahu have put together a plan for Israel & Palestine which is being advertised as a peace plan but Arana Nation explains why this is anything but peaceful and will in fact provoke more hatred and war! #ZionistWatch #FreePalestine #DonaldTrump

Here are excerpts from Michael Arana’s video:

Everybody knows that I have a deep hatred for Zionism. I have a deep disgust for the fake Jewish State of Israel. It has nothing to do with Judaism. It’s an abomination to Judaism. Just ask any real Jews, not the fake Jews who own the media and the banks and who run the State of Israel. I hate Zionism. I don’t care who hears me. You can quote me ten million times over on all the Zionistic [sic] Facebook pages and websites you want to. There are people who are doing that actually, trying to masquerade me as an antisemite. I’m the opposite of being an antisemite. I’m probably the biggest spokesman for real clean orthodox Judaism on social media if there ever wan one. One of the biggest reasons why I hate Israel is because they ship a lot of their bad apples to our Western countries, such as Canada, the United States, Europe. Israel ships very bad bad people from all over the Middle East to Europe indirectly I will admit, but they ship them nonetheless. Their bad policies along with America, the wars that they start, the conflicts that they start. They are the ones to start these things, you know, whether it’s Iraq, whether it’s Libya, trying to put a Rothschild which is a very Zionistic [sic] family on every, in control of every central bank in the world. And of course let’s not forget that these are the people who are the invaders and I mean people, you’ve got some some genetically inferior idiots who will say: well you know they’ve been there since the Bible time. You don’t know a damn thing about the Bible. You’re going to hell and the real Jews who practice Judaism, the orthodox Jews they say that the Jew will not have a homeland until the messiah comes. So you’re full of B.S. right there. But that’s one of the main reasons I don’t like them is because they bring us a lot of refugee[s]. They’re responsible for the refugee crisis that we face in the West here. They’re responsible for the Syrian refugees and Islam and all these Islamic refugees, many of these very horrible people who come from the Middle East and, you know, rape our women and destroy our streets and try to change our way of life, you know, I can’t blame them. That’s what they believe, that their belief system. It’s the Zionists who started all this stuff.

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