Mazin Abdul-Adhim: “The Jews are cursed with lowliness and weakness”

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Mazin Abdul-Adhim Photo: YouTube Mazin Abdul-Adhim

Based in London, Ontario Mazin AbdulAdhim is a Muslim scholar and a prominent leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Canada.

On June 3, 2020 Mazin AbdulAdhim posted on Facebook:

Pandu Laksono: All The elites are khazars & ashkenazi jews.

مازن عبد العظيم [Mazin Abdul-Adhim]: No, the elites of Capitalism are mostly Catholics, Protestants, and Evangelicals actually. The secularist Christians rule the world, actually, not the Jews. The Jews are a tool in the hands of the secularists to keep us distracted from the real enemy invading our lands and robbing us of our wealth. Even the Qur’an tells us that the Jews are “cursed with lowliness and weakness, except through the rope of Allah (which was cut off when Allah became angry with them) or a rope from other nations.” The Jews didn’t even occupy Palestine through their own efforts. It was handed over to them by the British Christians after sacrificing millions of their own lives in WW1 while the Jews sat on the sidelines and watched like spineless cowards. Then the British took most of the Muslim lands and gave the Zionist Jews a small sliver of land so that they distract Muslims from the fact that the British *occupied half the Muslim lands* and just focus on Palestine for the next 100 years. It’s about time we woke up.

Pandu Laksono: مازن عبد العظيم [Mazin Abdul-Adhim] what about the jewish ashkenazi & khazars, i’m sure jewish mizrahi / bani israil doesnt involve with this.

مازن عبد العظيم [Mazin Abdul-Adhim]: They are a weak and worthless people politically. They are tools in the hands of bigger powers. They have money, and all they can do is bribe. But once the interests of the Capitalists take a different direction, you will see them drop the Zionists like a pile of seaming hot garbage.