Islamic group slams Bernie Farber for alleged support of “racist Zionist policies”

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Bernie Farber. Photo Facebook United Dawah Organizations of Canada

The Facebook page “United Dawah Organizations of Canada” (aka Deen Media Canada and Deen Canada Media, portrays itself as “a media conglomerate with a 7-year plan to being the leading media voice and go-to platform for Muslim in Canada, shaping the way Muslims think and approach issues, and educating our non-Muslim neighbors.”

According to its mission statement, the “United Dawah Organizations of Canada” strive to “promote dawah [proselytizing] skills across Canada; AND a platform where Muslims can share and deliver their skills for other organizations; Promote the idea of a weekly halaqah-circle [study group] in every Masjid [mosque] [and to] encourage ikhlaas [devotion], good deeds, brotherly networking.”

On December 23, 2019 “United Dawah Organizations of Canada” posted:

Who is Bernie Farber? The Muslim Community in Canada should know who this man is. He’s been trying to build relations with the Muslim community in Canada, but not everyone is familiar with his background and his efforts to undermine the concerns of the Palestinian community in Canada. Farber markets himself as an “anti-racist” and “friend” of Muslims in Canada. However, he is an adamant supporter of racist Zionist policies and has repeatedly gone after Canadian-Jewish activists who defend Palestine.




4. Bernie’s wider connection and/or support for the “Muslim Leadership Initiative.” (many Muslim leaders across North America have spoken about MLI’s deplorable marketing scheme and agenda).





9. Book: The Canada-Israel Nexus by Eric Walberg

The Facebook post was shared by Deen Toronto GTA and Calgary Muslims.

Bernie Farber has not yet responded to’s request for comment.

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