Dimitri Lascaris on one-state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict

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Dimitri Lascaris

Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, journalist, pro-Palestinian activist, board member of The Real News Network and counsel to the al-Quds Toronto Committee that organizes the annual Al-Quds Day Rally in Toronto. He has served as a Chairman of the Board for Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME).

On July 19, 2020 Dimitri Lascaris participated in a webinar “Canadian Perspectives on Israeli Annexation of Palestinian Lands” hosted by Freedom Flotilla Coalition and CANADIAN Boat to Gaza.

Here is an excerpt from Dimitri Lascaris’ statement:

I agree with everything Lia [Tarachansky] said. I’ve been to South Africa, to my mind based on what I saw, apartheid is very much alive in South Africa. I agree also that it’s not the place of persons who are neither Palestinian nor Israeli to offer, to militate for one solution or the other. Ultimately that is something that will have to be determined by them. The only thing I would perhaps part company with Lia [Tarachansky] on is that I don’t think that what has happened in South Africa is inevitable. It’s horrible what’s happened. I don’t really understand how deeply entrenched apartheid remains in that country [South Africa]… maybe Lia [Tarachansky] feels the same way, cause she has talked about the top possibilities, but I do feel that there is the potential, you know, if people have the political will to to actually create a single state in which there is true equality. I think it can happen. It didn’t happen in South Africa and I have no illusions about how difficult that will be in Israel and Palestine.