David Mivasair: “That young [Israeli] woman can go elsewhere.”

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David Mivasair. Photo: YouTube Alameen Post – screenshot

Rabbi David Mivasair is a member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada and a long-time active member of the New Democratic Party (NDP). He worked at Vancouver’s Ahavat Olam progressive synagogue and First United Church homeless shelter.

On March 29, 2019 Mivasair commented on a tweet posted by Israel Defense Forces @IDF that stated:

“What’s it like spending your night in a bomb shelter? 25 yr old Einav, a college student who lives a few minutes from Gaza, filmed herself and her dog Anchel so you’ll understand. Hamas is firing rockets at innocent Israelis just like Einav. Share her story.”

In response Mivasair wrote:

“What’s it like living with 2 million others in a huge prison with little water, electricity, only kilometres from the land stolen from your grandparents before their entire village was demolished? That young woman can go elsewhere.”