Jewish man physically assaulted in Montréal

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I’m going to f—ing kill you! The taxi driver allegedly said in Arabic to the Jewish man. Photo:

On July 31, 2019, a news website covering all items of interest to Montreal’s Orthodox Jewish community, reported:

OUTRAGEOUS. This past Sunday [July 28, 2019], a Jewish man was physically assaulted in Montréal. The incident occurred at the 4 towers condos in Ville St Laurent. Security footage shows a taxi (#1258 of Taxi Champlain) drop someone off near the entrance to the condo’s garage. He then waits, blocking the garage entrance. Aaron* (name changed per request) was visiting his elderly parents who own a condo in the building. He parked his white car in a spot that wouldn’t block anyone and waited for an outdoor spot to become available. As he waited, he watched as a car driven by a Jewish man wearing a Kippah pulled up behind the taxi and honked. According to Aaron, the driver of the taxi shouted, “I won’t move for any f***ing Jews!” He then told Aaron to move his car. Aaron, who was in his car facing the taxi, asked the driver to please move for the vehicle behind him, and told him that he could get the message across without using insults. According to Aaron, the driver immediately started shouting in English and Arabic (two languages Aaron speaks). “I’ll never move for you f***ing dirty Jews! I’m going to f***ing kill you!” At that point a parking spot opened and a female supervisor from the condos motioned that Aaron should park. He pulled into a spot and decided to snap a photo of the taxi’s number so he could report the antisemitic tirade to Champlain Taxi. As soon as he snapped a picture the driver stormed out his taxi and began physically assaulting Aaron. He reportedly shoved Aaron against a car, put him in a headlock, and punched him in his chest and face at least ten times before the parking supervisor intervened. Aaron is a short man and the driver was tall and well built. The driver allegedly kept shouting antisemitic slurs and threatening to murder Aaron as he beat him. He also smashed Aaron’s phone on the ground, breaking it. The woman who intervened was also reportedly struck by the taxi driver who only left after another taxi driver told him to stop. After the attack, Aaron went to his parents, bleeding and in terrible pain. He later visited the hospital due to massive pains in his chest area. A police report has been filed and a complaint has been lodged with Taxi Champlain. B’nai Brith Canada has also been notified.


On August 1, 2019 reported:

Following our report of an alleged antisemitic incident involving a taxi driver working with Taxi Champlain, the taxi company released the following statement:
“First, thank you for taking the time and your concern on the situation that happen on the 28 of July 2019.
We take these unfortunate situations very seriously. As soon as we found out this morning, like the rest of the population, the driver in question was removed from our company.
You must understand that drivers are independent workers and are responsible for their behaviour. Drivers are simply associated with taxi companies but of course must follow certain rules and respect.
Moreover, the situation that happened was with a driver and with a civilian that had nothing to do with our company.
We have been serving the Jewish community for over 40 years and there is no way we will let such a situation end this faithful relationship.
We have absolutely no tolerance for such behaviors whatsoever.
If the civilian wants to pursue action, he can contact the taxi bureau of Montreal or the police agent who was present who took the report.
To confirm the driver is no longer able to work with the taxi bureau of Montreal. The dispute happened with 2 civilians and they should figure things out in private. It has nothing to do with the taxi industry at all. Private disputes should not be made public like this. There was no transport rendered.
Taxi Champlain does not condone any aggression, racism or discrimination. Anybody caught is automatically expelled from the company.
Our sincere apologies to the Jewish community but the situation have been taken care of. We will continue to proudly serve the Jewish community and all other communities.”