Younus Kathrada: “Oh, Allah, bring annihilation upon the plundering and criminal Jews”

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Younus Kathrada Photo: screenshot YouTube Muslim Youth Victoria, MEMRI

Sheikh Younus Kathrada is a South-African born Canadian Imam, Islamic Studies teacher, community and youth activist, counsellor, chaplain, and public speaker. He graduated with a BA from the College of Da’wah and Usool adDeen at the Islamic University of Medinah (1994) in Saudi Arabia. He has been involved in grassroots dawah [propagation of Islam] with the Muslim community of Canada, and of BC [British Columbia] in particular, for the last 20 years. He has presented many topics on Islaam at Universities in BC and Alberta for Islaam Awareness Week, and also presents “Introduction to Islam” courses for high school and middle school students. He was previously Imam of an Islamic centre in Vancouver. He was also the founder and teacher of Al Madinah Academy in Victoria, B.C, as well as the acting Imam of the Masjid [mosque] there. He then moved to Malaysia where he was a teacher and then Principal of Al-Tamimi International Islamic School in Subang Jaya for almost 7 years. While in Malaysia he continued to give talks at various universities and Masaajid [mosques]. He moved back to Victoria in 2016 and is currently the Imam of the Dar Al-Ihsan Islamic Center.

Here is a report published by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Younus Kathrada’s sermon on November 24, 2023:

Look at what is happening in Palestine. The Zionists are occupiers. They are the aggressors. They came to a land that doesn’t belong to them. They are the criminals. But what do we hear the world saying? They are saying that Israel—that’s what they claim the name of the country is. So we’re just using the names that they use. That country’s name is Palestine, not Israel. In any event, they say that Israel has the right to defend herself. Seriously? The occupier, the invader, the aggressor—they have the right to defend themselves? Anyone with an ounce of logic and understanding will see how wrong that is.

So you will learn from this that the disbelievers, at large, we are speaking in general terms, and this is exactly what is unfolding before our eyes. Understand that they stand against Islam and the Muslims. So when they say that Israel has the right to defend herself, what they are saying is that the Zionists have to the right to wipe out the Muslims of Palestine.

Oh, Allah, grant glory to Islam and the Muslims, and humiliate the infidels and the polytheists. Oh, Allah, destroy the enemies of Islam, and annihilate the heretics and the atheists. Oh, Allah, support the mujihadeen [fighters] in Your path everywhere. Oh, Allah, make their feet firm, strengthen their hearts and grant them tranquility. Oh, Allah, support them against their enemies and Your enemies. Oh, Allah, support all the oppressed Muslims everywhere. Oh, Allah, bring annihilation upon the plundering and criminal Jews. Oh, Allah, annihilate them because they are no match for you. Oh, Allah, show us the black day that You inflict upon them. Oh, Allah, make their plots backfire on them. Oh, Allah, shake the ground under their feet.